Habpanel with default panel

In Habpanel I would like to set a default panel, so when opening habpanel with a “new” browser it loads that panel, without aksing for configuration, just like the Demo Server.

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You can set default configuration for the set of dashboard.
However, if it comes to instant redirection to specific dashboard, then as far as I know there’s no feature like this. It should be easy to implement, though.
Would you mind submitting an issue in HABPanel’s github? Thanks

I believe this is what I need. I just want to got to my stored dashboards instead “welcome to dashboard” screen after cleaning my browser history.

How can I configure this?
Thank you for your time.

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Exact the same thing that I also need to know. I want to build a Panel, that is always opened b HABpanel, as I only need this panel only and I want to be able to load it from several devices.

How can this default Panel be set up?

And, as a second question here: How can the “code” of my panel be saved? E.g. for using it with git repository?

In OH2 follow that steps :

  • In Habpanel : Edit dashboard -> Advanced settings -> “Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration” with the name you want, ex: demo
  • In Paper ui : Configuration->Services-> UI Habpanel Configure

    Fill the “Initial panel configuration” with the name in Habpanel.
    When you open Habpanel, the default panel will be set with the name panel you save.

This doesn’t work for me. Or rather: to which url should I go? I have pine64 as host, so I go to http://openhabianpine64:8080 This shows the three tiles of paper ui, habmin and habpanel. Clicking habpanel gives the welcome screen without the desired and configured default. :confused:

Default is nothing in habpanel, you must edit your habpanel and create something, ex: add new dashboard …
Edit follow this way :

  • In habpanel, click Edit dashboards button to edit (located in the upper right corner)
  • Create something with you want
  • Then, click Edit dashboards button again, you will see Advanced settings. And follow :

Thanks. I was mixing up ‘panel’ and ‘dashboard’. Now the Initial panel configuration is set correctly I can default to the dashboard I want by storing it from safari on my iOS device as ‘show on home screen’. Nice.

PMFJI: I do face a similar problem. I now have my Raspi-Client/Server and another Raspi just as a client. I autostart chromium on both devices and have a server based Panel configuration calles EG_Licht that should be loaded in chromium on start up. “EG_Licht” is configured in Paper UI as the initial panel configuration. But whatever link I try, I always get the standard “New Dashoard” page. When I go the advanced settings, the local storage is activated, but under “Panel configuration” “EG_Licht” is already present. When I switch to this configuration I get the notice that this will override my local configuration. I can then use this configuration until I have to reboot the device. Then everything is the same again. I would really like to always get my server based configuration.

I would like the HabPanel to also return to that dashboard if there is no activity on that browser. So it will return to the “main” page

I don’t know how you’d work out the “time out”, but you could look at this option at the very bottom of the HabPanel settings page…

" Switch dashboard with item value

When this item changes to a dashboard’s name, switch to it:"

All you need is this

<script type="text/javascript">
    var t;
    window.onload = resetTimer;
    document.onmouseup = resetTimer;
    document.onkeypress = resetTimer;

    function reloadpage() {
        location.href = 'index.html'

    function resetTimer() {
        t = setTimeout(relaodpage, 1000000)
        // 1000 milisec = 1 sec

I’m using Openhabian latest release.

At this point I’m not trying to get the timeout working, I just want a default dashboard to show up with a few switches when I activate habpanel.

I have a panel with a few dashboards.

I’d like one of those dashboards to be the default that is presented when I go to the habpanel url.

I have tried setting the “Initial panel configuration” in Paperui to the name of the current panel and when I go to the url it just lists the dashboards I’ve created (including the one I want to be the default).

I’m confused…which is nothing new. :smirk:

Edit: I figured it out, the url has to be to the dashboard, not just the panel.
for example: :8080/habpanel/index.html#/view/

Were does one put this java?

javascript should be implemented in the habpanel code. Not sure where it is located on the file system. I proposed it as a future request/idea.

I am a fan of keeping such settings inside manual files. Unfort. the services folder does not contain a template for Habpanel …

How should this be done in a settings file?