Half day fully wired "internet free" smart home installation session (Based around Velbus)

Hello everyone,

If you’re in the Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or South Midlands area of the UK and want to come along to a Velbus training session, you’d be very welcome to attend a session with Proactive Technical Training in Tring (UK) on Jan 27th 2023.

[There are only 16 places available, as of Nov 25th]

More details here


The longer term plan is that PTT will offer a more in-depth series of courses for people to take before attempting the Velbus Installer exam

(which we are creating… More details later)

We are also talking to the following colleges about running training courses for their year 2 & 3 electrical or plumbing students.

Once they have their Velbus hardware in place, there is a chance that the same venues will offer evening classes to contractors who want to upskill.

Moulton College
Lincoln College
MidKent Colleges

So it starts…

I’m really hoping that this is the start of the future for the next generation of experts.

The course leader for this group said that he’d never seen them so engaged , they really were interested in what I was showing them and what is possible with a well designed control backbone.

If you’re in the UK and you know a Further Education College that would welcome training for their Electrical or Plumbing students, please get in touch.

Further afield, please get in touch with Velbus head office or your local reseller.

What a day that was. :weary:

There were TWELVE fully engaged people in the room that really kept me on my toes.

Because it was a sampler day, it was shorter than normal, but I really wanted everyone to get to the point where they could feel comfortable talking about full digital building control to their customers and know that they have the skills to deliver the basics.

One question that did keep being asked was…

“What about an app?”

My reply had to be, “that’s a bolt on, an option for the customer to pay for” (as in, not a compulsory component)

But what it made me realise is that there is a need to formally train people / contractors on how to get platforms like openHAB up and running.
Is this something we can discuss?

It was hard enough to find time to breath, taking photos just wasn’t an option.

Just imagine 12 people of all ages and abilities filling these seats.

(Everyone mastered the basics in just three hours)

Hi all

We’re at it again.

We’re going to be running some " centrally wired" smart home training at a couple of UK colleges for Year 2 & 3 diploma & T-Level students, covering everything electrical within a property.
For example,
Mains lighting, low voltage lighting, heating & cooling controls and window blinds.

If the colleges also want to run evening classes for experienced people who want to upskill or are simply curious, who here would like to come along?

Pop your area in the comments and I’ll see what we can arrange.

For example.
Milton Keynes
Moulton College
Are currently on our list.

This is a shot from the one of the Kirklees College sessions today, three more, every day for the rest of the week.