Hardware choice for first project

Hi all,

I’m new to IOT and I decide to create my Smart Home step by step.

For the first step I decided set up a small z-wave network with some Smoke and temprature sensors.
My idea is to put some temperature e humidity detector in the house and track the temprature during the day with openHab.
I plan to use Everspring ST814 (http://www.everspring.com/ST814.aspx)
Then I will put a smoke sensor in the kitchen, FIBARO FGSD-002 Z-Wave Plus.

To monitor the z-wave network from openHab I plan tu use a USB dongle Aeotec (http://aeotec.com/z-wave-usb-stick)

What do you think about my hardware choice ?

After that I will buy a thermostate that I will activate when my temprature sensors go under 18 degrees and stop when the temprature go up.

What do you think about this project ?

Now I will use an old laptop with Lubuntu as a server, in the future, my idea is to move to Synology Disk Station.
I can use ma USB dongle on it ?


I can highly recommend the Philio 4 in 1 Sensors.
They work like a charm.
The Aeotoc ZWave Gen 5 stick works without problems, too.

Be aware that the Everspring ST814 temperature/humidity sensor is close to junk. Tried out a few, did salt calibration to check out their humidity functions (search youtube for cigars, humidors, and humidity and you’ll find it). Results were that the humidity reported (from multiple copies) was essentially a random number and not in any way indicative of true humidity. Temperature worked decently well, but there are far cheaper options if you just want temperature. (Such as the monoprice passive infrared sensor that does temperature as well!)

your thermostat will have a sensor already. if you have a central heat, you could install intelligent trap to control the heat in some room.

But I don’t recommend to change the temp on your thermostat only for 1 room. you risk to have big temp difference on the others.

First I would play with openhab on my computer. it’s easy to modify and test. And when you have your config like you want. just transfert it to the new hardware.

My thermostat is installed in the entrace and monitor the temperature only there.

I have thermostatic valves on all radiators, so if I start the heating only the cold room will receive the hot water.

ok, then you want to change your valve for electronic one?

there is a project for something like that:

so i think its possible. You could also install independent thermostat per room, change your valve for electronic one and plug your new thermostat to the valve. This way, if openhab bug, your house will not be cold of extremely hot. And if you bough z-wave thermostat you will be able to change the setpoint with openhab if needed.

Thanks, I looked at Philio products and they are very nice.

Hi all,

after some google search I have decided to move to Philio products.
In particular :
Philio PST02-B PIR/Motion 3 in 1 Sensor for the entrace.
Philio PSG01 Smoke Detector for the kitchen.

Philio PAT02-B 2 in 1 Multi Sensor for the bathroon.

About the USB dongle should I go to the same manufacturer or can I go to Aeotec ?

Bye Mirko

These run fine with the Aeotec. I’m using the 4in1 with the Aeotec stick.
I would recommend that you get the 4 in 1 Motion/Door Sensor.
They are hardly more expensive but you can mount them on a Window or next to a Door.