Tutorial for openHAB Getting Started

Hi openHAB Community,

I’ve looked through openHAB tutorials as well as other Internet resources; however, I have not found what I’m looking for.

I’m just starting out with Home Automation. I understand that openHAB is quite flexible in terms of supporting several protocols & vendors. In most tutorials I’ve read, the premise is whatever hardware is in place you take that and configure it with openHAB. I, on the other hand, am looking for optimal hardware devices recommendations for starting & growing the home automation setup.

Does anyone have a list of most compatible (ie: supporting most features/functionality) devices/sensors/thermostats etc. that one can start out and then coherently grow collection.


No list though, but maybe you could start one?

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Hi rsaanon@gmail.com,

I use a number of Insteon devices for light switches and dimmers. You do need their USB interface though to connect to them. The two advantages I see is:

  1. They can be operated as standard light switches, no home automation required, which is good when your system goes down.
  2. As a number of items use your WIFI, Insteon uses their own RF system is therefore still works when your WIFI goes down (as happened in my system a few days ago.).

But at the end, it all depends what your preference and budget is…