Hardware recommendation for apartment extension


I’m planning to automate the lights and rolling shutters on an extension of my existing flat. The cabling will be done in the traditional way, but I’m planning to install push buttons as switches.

The plan was to install a central unit for managing the inputs (from the switches) and outputs (to lights and shutters). The lights and shutters should be attached relays connected to this central unit.This unit should be autonomous and should then be connected to a openhab instance running on a rPi.

I havent’t found such a central device? Any recommendation?
As normal budget is really limited :wink:


It won’t work to have a fully autonomous AND OH (remote)controlled AND multichannel AND cheap device.
You can use a bank of relays and connect them to the RPi GPIO pins, or try a Pokeys57E if you need more in/out pins.
But then pushing or toggling the switch will not toggle the light if the RPi or Pokeys does not work (if that’s what you mean by ‘autonomous’).
If you want that, you could deploy zwave or KNX actuators. zwave devices allow for 1, some for 2 lights and switches to be attached, and in KNX, there’s also 8-fold and 16-fold actuators, but they’re pricey.

Hi Markus,

by autonomous I mean that this device should even work while OH is offline or still booting.
Thanks for the suggestion of the Pokey Board. Is it possible to do some basic programming on this board? I mean, kind of “if switch on input I13 closed power on outpu O4”?

I’d guess so but I ain’t sure since I don’t use it myself. I suggest you ask @sipvoip.

Yep, check out poblocks, the graphical programming environment.

Wow, That sounds really promising!

@sipvoip: Are you using the pokey in a real environment? How stable is it?

I have 5 of them in use for over a year, no issues at all. I use them for all door / window contacts, motion sensors, 1-wire temp sensors, analog pressure sensors, etc. I use modbus and http to pull data off them.


Can you tell how you connected the switches and relays? Thanks for help!