Is there anyone tat can provide an example of Harmony logitech ?
I am trying without success?

Is the user in the configuration file the email provided in the logitech app?
How can I check if the oh talks to the hub (step 0) : through the log only or is there another way too?


Hi Nicola,

in the configuration file you put your Logitech account (same email/password like in the app).
For troubleshooting look in the logfile for “harmony” or start OH in debug mode.

Show your items/sitemap for more support.

This works for me:


String Harmony_Activity    "activity [%s]" 	{ harmonyhub="*[currentActivity]" }

sitemap (e.g. “Fernsehen” is the Harmony-activity, displayed as “TV” in OH):

Switch item=Harmony_Activity mappings=[PowerOff='PowerOff', Fernsehen='TV',FireTV='FireTV']

And don’t forget to add your credentials for harmony to openhab.cfg…

Is it possible to catch “button press” from Harmony remote?

Unfortunately not, only activity changes get sent from the harmony to
openhab. This is a limitation of the Harmony API ;-(

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Is it possible to catch “button press” from Harmony remote?

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Did I understand correctly.
I want to control KNX scenarios with remote Harmony through Openhab.
Can I create 5-10 activity. And when you change the activity on the remote control to run scripts in Openhab

Yep that would be one way to control openhab. There is a another project here https://github.com/armzilla/amazon-echo-ha-bridge that pretends to be a Phillips hue hub, translating hue commands to REST calls. You could have the Harmony remote pair to that (if you have the ultimate home version) and have the bridge send REST calls to openhab. This is how I have my Amazon Echo controlling openhab. I have not tried it with the Harmony yet but I have heard it works for others.

Sorry, I used the followings strings in the file.cfg : harmonyhub:domotica.host=

But it was logged this error: “Thread-37” java.lang.IllegalArgumentException no client ’ ’ defined

what i could do? thanks

You copied both files in the addons folder (org.openhab.binding.harmonyhub.jar, org.openhab.io.harmonyhub.jar)?

Yes, I did. The action file too.

Maybe the IP from the Harmonyhub changed?
Is it possible for you to log into the logitech account with the Logitech mobile or desktop app?

Same error when you try without qualifier in the openhab.cfg?
harmonyhub:password=your logitech password

yes when i tried with a wrong IP address, it told me that wasn’t be possible to connect: “failing creating harmony hub connection”

solved: I forgot the ‘qualifier’ in the items definitions…

Great! Enrico ! I had the same problem and solved tonight…
OT: Tomorrow Maker Faire in Rome r u from rome?

No, son a Bologna mi spiace

I have 2 harmony remotes and the first one is set up just like you said. The second one I am trying to do it with a unique qualifer:

My items file has
String HarmonyLR “Harmony Remote [%s]” (livingroom) { harmonyhub=”[currentActivity]” }
String HarmonyMBR “Harmony Remote [%s]” (masterbedroom) { harmonyhub=”
[mbr:currentActivity]” }

The first one works and the second one does not. I took this directly off the github and can’t figure out why the master bedroom one doesn’t show up. Any thoughts?

Have you changed the hub’s name in the app? I don’t know what it could be the problem

You solved that issue? I have the same problem. First hub working without any issue, but second not :frowning:

My config:

harmonyhub:ultimate.username=my email
harmonyhub:ultimate.password=my password

harmonyhub:smart.username=my email
harmonyhub:smart.password=my password

What I’m doing wrong?

Restart openhab and it should work.

Not in my case. I try it more than one time :frowning: … but Thank You for reply.
Maybe someone has a different idea?