Has anyone experience with Vimar (by-me)?

I am considering building a house.
One of the options is Vimar Bus-System by-me:

Does anyone have experience with this?

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I am in the same situation. House construction will start next year.
I was in contact with vimar germany and they confirmed that it is possible to install a KNX IP Gateway with a “by-me” system since the communication is KNX compatible. Hence I will integrate openHab with the KNX binding.

Thanks for your response.
Sounds great - I hoped that this would be the case because VIMAR also provides KNX.
By the way, do you intend to build your house with Kampa as well? :slight_smile:

exactly :wink:

By-me is a fork of KNX made by Vimar to avoid the knx certification, thus creating a cheaper version for a bus system, but this is not the only difference. The commissioning of a By-me system can be done mostly without a computer using a necessary central by-me unit with a display!
There are differences between knx and by-me such as: physical and logical addressing is not the same (by-me uses a hex type addressing while knx is using decimal type addressing), but the systems are fully compatible as long as there is an address converter.
The knx binding of openHAB will not work out of the box with by-me, you will need to make some translations prior reaching the binding, this can be done if I remember correctly with the Vimar easytool software assigning standard 3 level ga knx adresses for the existing by-me hex adresses!


Thanks a lot for your detailed response.
This actually brings some light into this topic.
I will keep thin in mind as soon as I talk with my house builder about my project :slight_smile:

I do have a vimar installation including a by-me webserver (https://www.vimar.com/de/int/catalog/product/index/code/01945) which does let me control everything from their mobile app and a website. which is different to the knx webserver 01545 - that I do not know.

I am still searching for any integration into something on a higher level (like IFTTT, google home or amazon etc…) but had no luck so far.

I once started to make an integration in PHP, that mimics the web requests on the webserver (mostly direct sql statements … ) - which can be found here: https://github.com/h4de5/VimarWebserverApi
(its WIP - so don’t expect much :wink: )

looking forward to read about how an openHab integration may look like.

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Thanks for your response.
That sounds a little like it’s potential is limited, but because Knx can be integrated into OH, i assume this should be the case with your by-me as well!

But in general you are happy with its functionality and stability?

stability: yes - so far, it’s working as originaly expected.
functionality: sad to say no. now, with all those smart devices around, I just start to see the limitations of such a non-IP based system. A limitation that I was not aware of, when I decided to go for Vimar.

I am not sure if a “real” KNX system would be easier to integrate into a home-assistent like Alexa or google home or an IP-based system would have less other problems. Also I may be more positive towards that Vimar system once I see that it is actually possible, but right now I somehow feel not really happy with my choice. Even though it’s fun to play around with…

As an hint: their sales told me it’s possible to integrate KNX products into the by-me system (such as motion detectors etc.) and that they have a plenty selection of intercoms… we moved in over 2 years ago - we still got no intercom or motion detectors - because sales couldn’t help me with actual KNX recommendations or step by step instructions.

If someone has a better experience with Vimar By-Me or would help me setup an IP webcam into a my touch panel in the living room - I would be happy to hear :smiley:

Thanks a lot sharing your experience.
It will definitely help me choosing the right setup (I hope :wink:

There’s a web server called ilevia X1
It works with many home automation protocoles included VIMAR by-me and alsol you can add google home or alexa to your installation.

just to share my experience, I built my house 2 years ago and I used the pure KNX system.
I used MDT components for KNX.
I’m using only Openhab as a frontend and all works very well! I’m still using openhab 1.8 because I wrote many lines of code for rules that is not full compatible with the openhab2 (I hope to have time to migrate ASAP) and I automated also the heating, so I haven’t the physical thermostat but I made it with openhab. Also the alarm system is integrated with openhab and KNX.

Hi All,

I have a project with Vimar By-Me and web server, and since it is a large villa with 4 floor including basements, i have many group addresses in the system. However, while trying to commission I am facing an issue that I can use only 250-300 groups in a by-me plant. Any workaround on this??

welcome @noufal.yaseen.

Unfortunately I cannot help, because I do not use Vimar yet (I though about it when building a house).
Maybe someone else!?

HI All,

I built a house with the Vimar by-me system and now I want to integrate it into the openhab2 system. I installed OpenHab on a Synology 1815+. The Vimar system has a control center 21509, the web server 01945, the 10 ‘’ multimedia screen 21553.2, a line coupler 01845 and a logic unit 01468. My question now is whether I need to install additional hardware and if so, which device? I would also be interested in how I get the first installation u. Configuration steps.

Would be great if someone could help me get started!

If there is a web server from Vimar, you could start with the http binding to tranfer states of Vimar sensors to OH. (preferrably with the http cache).
There are many threads about how to do this.

and thank you for the hint. Is there a possibility to read out the communication or HTTP commands to the web server? Has anyone already had the experience of http binding in combination with Vimar web servers? Why do most people use the KNX binding in combination with Vimar and do I need additional hardware for KNX binding? What is the best way?

Right - now I remember (kind of)
I am no KNX expert, but as far as I know the vimar is a stripped-down version of KNX to avoid high license fees. So, to a certain extent the functions should be compatible
But this would be the right time for a KNX expert to jump in here :slight_smile:

Hello! I´m also using vimar and bought a KNX IP interface to connect to the bus within openhab2.
This works fine.

If you need some additional informations regarding the setup of vimar in openhab2 feel free to contact me!


Good to know - thank you very much.
Unfortunately the project “new house” is on hold, but I’ll keep this in mind.