Heating won’t turn off

Hi there have a Atag one installed 2 years ago and regularly serviced on manual mode I have set it to just 4 degrees when I went to bed but heating has remained on all night and temperature this morning says 20 degrees

The Atag app when I access it says your Atagone is not available . Any advice appreciated

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Seems like the (WLAN) connection between the app and the device is broken, does the device have full WLAN connectivity?

Please post the relevant log entries of the openhab.log and events.log.

Hi Juergen Thank you for the response I think it does but technology is not my strongest point. I have contacted the Plumber who installed it as he may have more technical knowledge


I hope the plumber understands the openhab logs.

That would be a premiere. If so please let me know his name ! :blush:


That will be me then. I’m a plumber…

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Who-hoo! :tada: Congrats on your personal development!
You don’t happen to offer your services in Germany, do you ? (Looking to get a new heating…)

The gas regulations are a bit different everywhere.
I could install but you’d have to get a German certified plumber to put his/her stamp on it.
I’ll travel but i’ll bill for it…

I’m pretty much satisfied with our new or better 1 year old one. With the help of thetrueavatar I even managed “fancy” problems like:
Wife does not stick to the agreed! times when hot water is supplied and that without telling until under the shower. WAF negative big time!:rage:
I have connected here smartphone (which is used for the wakeup) with heating system in order to check if hot water is supplied 5minutes prior wakeup time. If not the OneTimeHesting function gets activated. WAF going up again!

*sigh* yeah, German regulatory works and craftsmen … a German plumber would never accredit someone else’s work.
I’m looking for someone to implement an EEBus-enabled system. then we just need someone to implement it as an openHAB binding … wait, Vincent aren’t you the man for that part?

I can program simple bit, but a binding… Too much to bite for me…

What’s your interface into the heating controller ?
I’ve actually thought about turning on the circulation pump whenever the motion sensor in the bathroom gets triggered so hot water starts circulating before the shower is turned on. Probably a nice complement?

I have a Viessmann heater (Vitodens) , it’s “phoning home” all the time and I can get and set some values/functions via the cloud.

Oh dear. Immediately makes me think of that Finnish hack some time ago to turn down thermostats from the Inet. That is what you get when plumbers go IT … (excluding Vincent, of course ;-)).
Does Viessmann support EEBus by now ? Vaillant claims they do.

PS: @Walters sorry for capturing the thread, but your request does not seem to have anything to do with openHAB at all and lacks quite some required information anyway.
(see How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community)

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Somebody noticed the sarcasm☺

Which one? :smiling_imp: ok ok let’s not dig deeper there.