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Hello guys!

I would like to kindly ask less than five minutes of your time to fill this small poll. As a domotics’ enthusiast and student working on a domotics use case, I would like to know how frequently the following scenarios appear on your automation rules.

Thanks in advance for your time!

  • I have automations that involve multiple devices and conditions. For example, Turn on the lights of a room IF motion is detected AND its ambient light is LESS THAN 40 lux.
  • I have automations that require do some action if a device remains in the same state for a period of time. For example, Send a notification when a window has been OPEN for an hour.
  • I have automations that require do react to the absence of events. For example, Turn off the lights of a room after two minutes WITHOUT detecting any movement.
  • I have automations that require to detect a particular sequence of events. For example, Detect when I arrive home is determined by the following sequence of events FrontDoorMotion_ON -> FrontDoor_OPEN -> EntranceHallMotion_ON.
  • I have automations that require ignore some repeated events within a period of time. For example, Send a notification when someone presses the doorbell, but do not fire a new notification after every doorbell press. Each notification must have an interval of at least 30 seconds.
  • I have automations that require wait for a particular number of events before doing some action. For example, Send a notification if the boiler fires three Floor Heating Failures and one Internal Failure within one hour. Each notification must have an interval of at least 60 minutes.
  • I have automations that their conditions are based on specific historical data of a device or multiple devices. For example, Send a notification if the electricity consumption at home is higher than 200 kWh in the last three weeks.

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In case you are interested, here are some solutions to those scenarios using both Rules DSL and Jython.


  • This poll has no intention to spam this community.
  • I’m also open to hearing other scenarios where you have to use different patterns.

If you’re looking for a solution to lights based on lux level check out Eos. I will also be adding the ability to handle the motion detection and decay scenario as well.


A very interesting set of automation descriptions. I don’t have most of them in my system now, but I can see how any or all of them could be useful for more complex operations, and that I would absolutely want to do some of those things. I just haven’t yet.


I use Node-RED and MQTT for all the automation rules in OH2.

One idea I’ve had for a long time but not fully implemented; Send a notification if I’ve forgotten to plug in the car heater in the evening. Do this by turning on the heater for a few seconds in the evening and measure that the power consumption increases. If it doesn’t the cable is not plugged in. Also, start the heater earlier if it is colder during the night.

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Hi @Laufeyjarson!

Maybe these examples can help you as a starting point in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Thx for sharing your interesting examples.

@fibu-freak :+1:

Thanks Humberto!

Very interested in ignoring a rule that has already fired in a period of time. I’m getting better with rules but writing code and implementing it in OH is something I want to learn more about.

Best Wishes,



Good luck with your rules :+1:

Nice Poll!
I also don’t use most of the rules because I simply never got to set em up!
But good inspiration - and thanks for providing the code!

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@GordanTrevis Happy to hear that they were useful for you :+1:

Do you use any AI model to know the starting time for the heating in advance?

I also have an idea of use temperature logs, to know based on the estimated outside temperature at some X time, when should be turned ON the heating of a particular room to get the desired temperature at that time

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Same here.

@Josep_Xavier_Sellart Have you done something similar? Or another idea to use AI?
I have a JETSON NANO waiting for some work :slightly_smiling_face:

@rhumbertgz No, I have a lot to learn

No problem, I’m learning too :grinning:

Do you have by any chance a Node-Rule implementation of one of the scenarios that you can share? I would like to see how easy or complex could be that implementation

The option “I have none of these” is missing. If you use the poll fro your thesis or other scientific work, you should add this, otherwise the results are useless.

Hello @Pekka

Unfortunately, a poll can not be edited after a couple of minutes :frowning:. My intention is to use the scenarios as a motivation use case for domotics, and the results of the poll as some kind of proof that they are realistic and used on real automations.

But you are right :+1:

Thanks for your feedback and time

I barely use any automations at all, so I was unable to confirm any of your scenarios. Basically, I find that the number of exceptions that would be needed for most automation scenarios make automation by itself annoying. Like, I would need a rule like “Turn on the lights in the living room when I come home at night, unless I don’t plan to spend time in the living room”. Obviously, getting a computer to know what I’m planning is close to impossible. You could always feed it with times of day, checking my calendar for early morning events the next day, and lots of different input. -But in the end, it becomes so much more reliable and practical to just push one button (or talk to Alexa) that turns on all the necessary lights in the living room. I have yet to come up with one automation rule that doesn’t just annoy me :slight_smile: