Help creating complete Imperihome thermostat

I’m working on totally switching from Vera to OH. I’ve got almost all of my hardware working (darn you Zwave door sensor!!), and am working on integrating OH with the wonderful Imperihome app.

I’ve managed to pull in most of my lights, temp/humidity sensors, etc, but I could use some help in creating a complete thermostat device in Imperihome. The instructions on the binding page shows how to add the device as a heat device and I’ve pieced this together to work as a cooling device. Here’s my definitions:

Number HVAC_HeatSetPoint "Heat Set [%s °F]" <heating> (Living,HVAC) { zwave="9:command=THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT,setpoint_type=1,setpoint_scale=1,refresh_interval=60" } Number HVAC_CoolSetPoint "Cool Set [%s °F]" <climate> (Living,HVAC) { zwave="9:command=thermostat_setpoint,setpoint_type=2,setpoint_scale=1,refresh_interval=60", imperihab="room:Livingroom,label:Thermostat (cool),unit:F,curmodeid:HVAC_Mode,currentTempId:HVAC_Temperature,minVal:60,maxVal:82,availableModes:Auto-Off-Heat-Cool" } Number HVAC_Temperature "Thermostat Temperature [%.1f °F]" <temperature> (Living,HVAC,Temperature) { zwave="9:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1,refresh_interval=60" } Number HVAC_Mode "Mode [MAP(]" <climate> (Living,HVAC) { zwave="9:command=thermostat_mode,refresh_interval=60" } Number HVAC_Fan_Mode "Fan Mode [MAP(]" <wind> (Living,HVAC) { zwave="9:command=thermostat_fan_mode,refresh_interval=60" } Number HVAC_Operating_State "Operation State [MAP(]" <climate> (Living,HVAC) { zwave="9:command=thermostat_operating_state,refresh_interval=60" } Number HVAC_Fan_State "Fan State [MAP(]" <wind> (Living,HVAC) { zwave="9:command=thermostat_fan_state,refresh_interval=60" }

I would really like if I could also get this to work with heating, be able to change thermostat modes and fan states. Here’s a shot from the Imperihome app page showing this in detail:

Does anyone have any working examples or could help me in adding these extra parts?

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Do I have to create one device for Cooling and one for Heating?

Trying to bring this up again in the hopes someone has done this and can help. Anyone know how to do this?

If I wasn’t clear, I’d like the Imperihome interface to allow for changing either the Cool or Heat setpoint from the same widget rather than having to create two separate items.

anything new?
I’m having same problem…