Help needed for selecting the best indoor security camera

Dear Everyone!

I want to purchase some security cameras which is not so expensive (around $50-$60) and has a relatively good picture.
First I thought that I will go with the XiaoFang cameras (installing the hack on it), but I can hardly find a version which is working in the EU… Also there is the WyzeCam which is almost a XiaoFang cam with unique software, but it has the same issue (hard to use it with a modified firmware now, hard to buy here in the EU)

I don’t need any of these “fancy” features, I just need a camera which I can integrate into openHab (i.e. can produce some simple video stream).

Can anyone recommend something which is working fine and seems okay for it’s price?


If anyone interested in, I have found that Xiaomi has another camera named Dafang and it also has a custom firmware (just google it up), so I think this is what I searched for. Post my futures updates here after it arrives

Three Dafangs arrived at my doorstep yesterday :slight_smile:

How do you plan to use them?

Mine haven’t arrived yet…
I thought of installing this firmware and then make a video view in my sitemap with the stream provided by the camera. Also installing a capture server (RTSP or mjpeg) on my NAS. I don’t know what are the capabilities of this firmware, but maybe controlling the camera (rotate, IR filter, etc…) also possible from openhab

I found another solution using the Wyze Cam 2 if you are interested.