Intergrating Wyze Cam2 Into Habpanel

Hey guys after a lot of research I finally figured out how to integrate the Wyze Cam2 into Openhab’s Habpanel. Wyze cam’s are some of the best and cheapest IP cams on the market for the price.
Since these camera’s do not currently support RTSP without hacking the firmware it will not natively connect into your system. The work around comes with the Android App TinyCam Pro which is 3.99 on Google Play.

Once downloaded and configured to your cameras you can then turn on the web server which will broadcast your camera’s on your local network. I happen to have an android device that I leave on all the time as a bridge for other items so it was no extra cost to get this going. Once your web server is up and running on Tinycam Pro you can the start to configure it into Habpanel.

  1. Open your webserver on your laptop or desktop browser.
  2. Right click on the feed you want to implement
  3. Click Inspect element
  4. Copy the url
  5. Paste the URL into the HABPANEL Camera Feed Widget.



Thanks for sharing. I am new to home automation and taking things step by step in a little way. Wyze cam is my go to for camera from a cost and utility perspective. I will try to implement this asap.

I bought 1 since it was roughly 20 bucks but 20 bucks wasted lol. These are cheap, poorly compressed cameras. I installed openIPC to get the RTSP. Im only using it to catch the cat who’s been eating the dog food outside

Check out this. There is a new beta firmware out that adds RTSP to Wyze Cams.

Doe’s the Wyze camera work with OpenHab after doing the firmware change?