[Widget] Camera Feed

Camera Feed Widget

Just input the camera feed URL in the settings and everything is done for you.

CameraFeed.widget.json (3.2 KB)


  1. Customizable
  2. Responsive


  • Image URL - URL of the feed
  • Refresh Interval - How often to pull
  • Refresh Interval Type - seconds or milliseconds
  • No Border - If checked, there will be no Black border
  • Feed Label/Text - Display a text label on the image
  • Label Position - Where to put the label. Use Disabled if you don’t want it to.
  • Label Color - Color of the label

Cool, but I’m wondering (and I could certainly be missing something), what does it bring to the table, isn’t the builtin Image widget doing that already?

Not the feed label. Also, the image widget border cannot be removed unless we change the class higher up the DOM, and since many people here have been asking for a camera feed widget, I thought I’d make it simpler for them.


Sure. Maybe that would be a good PR down the line :wink:


I love it!
Works much better for some feeds in my case. The resolution is much better scalable…

If it’s possible, it would be a nice feature that when you click the image/video, you get a bigger popup.
Fe today, I’ve added some buttons on the bottom that forward me to another dashboard, but it would be much better if you can just click the image. :blush:

Seek and ye will find

If I’m not wrong, this is more for sitemaps, not really for habpanel.
However, I guess it should be possible in habpanel with some hocus-pocus.

But I just really wanted to add some positive upgrade thinking stuff for this widget. It works really great in habpanel, so if we can let it grow…

Habpanel also has a WebView widget, the same basic idea will work.

Just uploaded some widgets to the gallery now that can be clicked.