Help on addons.cfg filling

I’m able to insert Mqtt binding into addons.cfg.

# The installation package of this openHAB instance
# Note: This is only regarded at the VERY FIRST START of openHAB
# Note: If you want to specify your add-ons yourself through entries below, set the package to "minimal"
# as otherwise your definition might be in conflict with what the installation package defines.
# Valid options:
#   - standard : Standard setup for normal use of openHAB with persistence (rrd4j) and additional UI add-ons (basic,habpanel).
#   - minimal  : Installation of core components without additional add-ons.
package = standard

# Access Remote Add-on Repository
# Defines whether the remote openHAB add-on repository should be used for browsing and installing add-ons. (default is true)
#remote = true

# A comma-separated list of automation services to install (e.g. "automation = groovyscripting")
#automation = thingactions

# A comma-separated list of bindings to install (e.g. "binding = knx,sonos,zwave")
binding = network,exec,systeminfo,mqtt,http

# A comma-separated list of miscellaneous services to install (e.g. "misc = openhabcloud")
misc = openhabcloud

# A comma-separated list of persistence services to install (e.g. "persistence = jpa,rrd4j")
#persistence = 

# A comma-separated list of transformation services to install (e.g. "transformation = jsonpath,map")
transformation = map,regex,xslt,exec,javascript,scale,xpath,jsonpath

# A comma-separated list of UIs to install (e.g. "ui = basic,habpanel")
ui = basic,habpanel

# A comma-separated list of voice services to install (e.g. "voice = googletts,marytts")
#voice = 

But now I would add Mqtt Action, but I can’t find how indicate it


How I can set it?

OH 3 doesn’t support 1.x Actions. Actions are now a part of the binding and not a separate add-on.

I don’t think this the v1.x Action, it’s the Blockly package that has no instructions.

Although since the OP has a screenshot showing ‘remove’ I would think its already installed.

Yes, I missed that I think.

Yes, indeed, this is the Blocly Library to access the MQTT Actions that are built into the MQTT Action. There is no way that I’m aware of to install anything from the Marketplace using addons.cfg.

But note, again, this is a library that can be used in Blockly rules. It does not provide the actual MQTT Action. It only exposes the Actions that come with the MQTT Binding so they can be used in Blockly written rules (which are graphical rules that only make sense in the UI).

Thank you so much.
I used a workaroud. I created a generic mqtt thing, linked an item.
And with send command to this generic item i can send mqtt command, without install MQTT action

I think there is still some misunderstanding here.

There is not separately installable MQTT Action. You don’t have to install it. You already have it. It’s part of the MQTT Binding.

You don’t need to work around it. You just need to use what you already have. See the MQTT Binding docs for how to get the action in your rule. For Rules DSL it’s something like:

val mqttActions = getActions("mqtt", "id:of:the:broker:thing")
mqttActions.publishMQTT("topic", "message", false)

I do it, but I receive sometime and error on my rule.
Seams that the rule engine don’t recognize the mqtt

2022-01-13 17:31:00.627 [ERROR] [internal.handler.ScriptActionHandler] - Script execution of rule with UID ‘Bticino_test-1’ failed: ‘publishMQTT’ is not a member of ‘org.openhab.core.thing.binding.ThingActions’; line 17, column 9, length 45 in Bticino_test

I found a similar unanswered issue on your Github thus I decide to not use this command.