Help - Raspberry Pi 3 openhab instalation instructions

I am a newbie trying to install openhab on my raspberry PI 3. I found few google tutorials none of them are working. I am getting the below mesg
Problem accessing / Reason:
Sitemap ‘default’ could not be found

Can someone help me fix this or full step by step installation instructions.


Did you try this url http://YourServerIPHere:8080/

Thanks for trying to help. I tried the URL. I don’t see a sitemap file on raspberry. I am not sure it wasn’t created during installation.


Hi dan,

I also had problems during installation. So when it finally worked, I did a little step by step protocol.
Maybe step 1 to 11 can help you:

Good luck.

At first: Did you install OH1 or OH2? Most of the tutorials on the net are related to OH1, so they don’t work for OH2.

When you install OH1, I can suggest the tutorial from Worked for me. When you install OH2, you should use Openhabian (you can find ist here in the forum).

And for OH2, there are many useful Tipps at

Afaik Oh1 doesn’t install a default sitemap file.

Thanks for the reply. I installed from makeuseof.
Do you recommend installing oh2? If I want to install oh2, do o have to uninstall oh1 first? If so, how do I do that?
If I am keeping oh1, how do I add sitemap?

Sorry for asking too many questions I am new to raspberry and oh.


I would suggest to use openhabian, 30 minutes and youre up and perfectly running OH2.

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Yeah, openhabian really makes installation easy.

You don’t have to uninstall OH1. In fact, openhabian formats and overwrites your sd card with a raspbian image and installs OH2 automatically. Your previous OH1 installation of course is gone then…

Here you can get it:

But again I suggest to read the documentation at to understand the idea of OpenHAB. It’s not done with a sitemap. At first, there are things to discover (devices), then you have to create items to get the information of each thing (e. g. the temperature of a sensor). And then you can use these items in your sitemap.

It’s a bit of work, but it’s worth it. Keep fighting through! :wink:

Thanks Stefan and Peter.

I am finally able to install OH2. This is so much easier than command line.

Now I have another question. I have few wemo light switches. How do I add them to my home page. when I go into my home page - http://openhabianpi:8080/basicui/app, I see an empty screen.
I installed the wemo binding and it recognize the switches but they are not on my home page.
Please help!

Thanks again

An empty screens probably means that you haven’t yet created an individual sitemap. Have you?

A sitemap has to be created in /etc/openhab2/sitemaps. Either using a ssh connection or with the Eclipse Smart Home Designer software. You have to name it according to your definition inside the sitemap. You can have a look at the Wemo binding documentation:

The sitemap there is called “demo” (sitemap demo label=“Main Menu”). So the filename has to be demo.sitemap. This file has to be put into the above mentioned folder.

And you have to create an item file, where you put your item definition in. Again, an example especially for the wemo configuration can be found in the above link. You can create an item file for this (as for the sitemap) and put it in etc/openhab2/items. Or you can use PaperUI to link the channels of the things to the item names.

And again: Take a close look at the documentation at You can find tutorials for Beginner and Demo installations there. Also you can find a user manual there where all these thing/channel/item/sitemap stuff is explained. And it’s explained much better then I could ever do it… :wink:

Tanks Stefan

I am finally able to see the switches on home page. I have another problem now. When I turn on/off one switch all the switches turn on/off. Do you know why? How do I turn on/off one switch at a time?Also if I manually on/off the switch status is not updated in the dashboard. What do I have to do to make this happen?

Please help.

As I do not have any Wemo switches, I don’t know what’s going on with your configuration.

You can post you item and sitemap configuration here, then we can take a look together. I would assume there are some channel <-> item linking issues in your configuration.


Thanks again.
I am new to this where can I find the sitemap configuration?

I can use the iPhone app to connect to OH2 when I am connected to wifi but not when I am not connected wifi. What do I use as remote url, user and password?

With configuration I mean what’s written in your sitemap file.

And also your item definitions (from your items file or screenshots from your PaperUI item definition).

To use the app in remote mode (so when not connected in your local wifi) you have to set up my.openhab. Honestly! With this little knowledge you have (at the moment) don’t rush this at the moment.

I can’t stress this enough: Read the documentation! Learn to understand by reading and simply trying things…


I finally got the switches to work independently. But I still can’t control it outside of wifi(remotely)
I installed the myopenhab binding through paper ui. The instructions ask me to look for 2 files for uid and secret ids. But I don’t see these files. My openHAB says I am offline.
What am I doing wrong? How do I install myopenhab addin and make this to work.

If I can’t connect remotely, this is not really useful for me.

Hope you can help.


It’s hard to say what may be your problem.

One possible problem: Have you installed the latest java version? There were some changes to my.openhab some time ago and with an older java version my.openhab stayed offline (and AFAIK hasn’t created those two files). But you know where to look for these files?

You can find many informations about the java update (how to check which version you have and how to perform the update) in this thread:

First, you have to make sure that shows ONLINE when you use it. If that’s the case, the App will work virtually straight away.