Help understanding knx2

After updating to knx2 I have a latency from 5-50 seconds between a command and its execution (knx-items only).
I’m running openhabian installed on Ubuntu.
So it seems, that the knxd-installation is not exactly as via openhabian on rasperry.
Nothing changed (as I can tell) in knxd and worked well before - it should be OK?!?
Things are working (with delay) - but were display as offline in PaperUI, if I insert the red part.
With the red part they were displayed as offline. Why do I need these attributes - and what does fetch do?

The latency is the same if I only connect 5 items oder 200 items…

I have the same problem with a latency sending OpenHab KNX commands

See :wink:

You don’t need these attributes.
If address and pingInterval is set, openHAB will ping the bus address to get a heartbeat.
if address is set and fetch is set to true (this is marked as experimental), openHAB will try to readout firmware version, manufacturer, serial number and so on. I have only setup one device yet, and it worked for me, i.e. device is shown as online with extended information about the device.
If readInterval is set, openHAB will try to read the channels state from knx bus not only at startup but every readInterval Seconds.

In question of delay, I can’t neither confirm nor refute this, as I did only a short test so far.

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Thank you - I was on this page before (for hours) but have really overseen this part…
Shame on me.

did it solve the problem?