Help with completion of entries for zwave Devolo Smoke detector needed

Hello - anybody, who could help to check and complete the new entries for the Devolo smoke sensor in the zwave database?

The entries for this device in the zwave database are lacking parameters and association groups.
I requested and received a more complete manual from Devolo than the one online or delivered with the decide. It has some more information concerning the device ans its parameters and command in a zwave network.
I uploaded it into the zwave database -

However Im quite a rookie, when it comes to zwave device settings and would be very grateful, if more experienced users, could check whether the entries make sense (probably not) and correct these. I would as well like to know, how to debug settings. the information concerning the parameters from Devolo is not sufficient and it would be great to test the parameters with my device, before I set erroneous commands into the database.

Some parameters and commands are mentioned in the manual, but not clearly defined (at least to me):

further Commands
The battery capacity can be requested with the command “get battery report” if the smoke detector is not in the standby mode and ready to receive messages.

further configuration Parameters
Battery level control (power level) Use the command “PowerLevel Set” to adjust the strength of the wireless signal. Use the command “PowerLevel Test Node Set” to test the strength of the device’s wireless signal.

according to the manual the device uses the command classes:




the z-wavealliance provides a different XML file (see link below):

Is this helpful to create a working database entry?

In my setup Node 11 is the Devolo smoke sensor like shown in the graph:

It is linked to all other nodes, does this makes any sense?

Thanks and Sorry for pushing up this old post,