Which Smoke Detector (Groups, Notification, etc)

We also have 2 and both still report 100% battery after some months.
I also liked the possibility of external power supply, but until now, we use them battery powered.

And no regular beeping indication battery low ?
Strange, I changed the batteries 2 times now and still se same issue.

Hmm, no, no regular beeping at all - and still the original batteries.
The devices work - testing via device button or via switch in openhab works and generates an alarm.

I 100% think its Not a device issue

First I would Look in the dB from chris If everything seems Fine.

Second have you checked the associations in the Settings?

I would bet there is a simple explanation

Ok there is no Association Group Nor Config Params defined in the db

You Must do this and Your Sensor will work


Hello @shorty707
thanks for the advice. I requested more information from devolo and had a stab onto the device entries in the database.
However Im quite sure, that I didn’t get it right. If you have time to have a look and correct - that would be great.

I made a new entry concerning this question in the forum here

Late reply - I didn’t have time to look at this.

Which one is the way to go at the moment? The Popp looks nice
There seem to be different models:

And the availability is very confusing as it is listed under ei650W as well?


I have bought 12 Popp 004001.
It was no problem to add them as things. When I put in batteries in all of them I get an alarm sooner or later. What settings are recommended for this thing? Any other advices how to set up/configure and use them best? What about linking them in Z-Wave together? Of course they pair themselves outside of Z-Wave.
Thank you for your kind advice.

I am not sure if you can get then where you are but for notification and alarms I used Kidde …Check out my instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Complete-Raspberry-Pi-Nova-Wireless-Home-Monitoring
I wouldn’t recommend using battery powered anything when it comes to life safety …Hire an electrician and put in at least one powered smoke detector

I am Germany based and we have to use DIN certified detectors by law. Anyhow I am interested in your instrutable but get a 404 when I try to load

huh … yea tried that too … Search my user name .in the instructable web site .Jade7272 that should work …

I have 6 of the POPP 4001, which are certified for Germany.
They are working with zwave, but I am not 100% happy with them.
As others have detected and it was also confirmed by POPP service: They send a battery status with 100%. This only switches to zero, when the battery alarm is already active, no values in between. So this is useless information!
Also you should only connect 3 or 4 of them together. More is not working without a central controller, I think this is due to latency of the communication.


Hmm that doesn’t sound good - I wanted to buy them.

@HolgerL do you know any better alternatives?

No, I have no better alternative, at least if you want to stick to a zwave device.
At least for the intended core funktion, the smoke detection, they should be good according to test reviews I had read.

And outside of zwave?

what about Homematic IP via CCU2?

I can confirm these issues with my 2 POPP 4001 devices. Additionally they really drain the battery very quick. The maximum so far was 6 months, often it is only 3-4 months. This is not acceptable for a battery powerd Z-Wave device and this purpose.
I originally intended to buy even some more but I will not do this after these experinces (have them for 15 months now). They offer the nice feature of using the siren by rules as they are FLiRS devices but apparently this is eating up battery and so of no practical use. I will probably go for the POPP 009402 which is not frequently listening (siren not usable for other applications) but supposed to last 10 years. Even if it only reaches 5 years it would already be a big improvement to the 4001.

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What about https://manuals.fibaro.com/smoke-sensor?

Many false alarms reportet as well. Do Not have owwn experiance on it so need comments of real users