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How to write the item definition for a knx switch? My scenario: I have a MDT glass switch (BE-GTT4x.01) whith a touch position configured as a “one-switch-dimmer” (Ein-Tasten-Dimmen). The Switch with short touch (dimm on/off) is GA 1/1/0, the long touch is GA 1/1/1 for dimming. A third GA “value for switching” (Wert fur Umschaltung) is 1/1/2. The LED in the switch has the GA 1/1/3) and the dimable ceiling lamp has the GA 1/2/2 to set it, dtp 9.007, I think.

A short touch swiches lamp on, a long touch starts the dimming up/down and as long as the lamp is not off (e.g >0%) the LED in the switch should be lit.

So I am lost on how to pack those GA into one item.
I do notr want to manage LED in switch separatly from the Lamp with rules. Can i define multiple knx="" statements in the definition?


Dimmer CeilingLight "Lamp [%d %%]" { knx=" ??? ", knx=" ??? "}

Hi JGluch,

Here are some examples from my side:

A simple light:

Switch KNX_KE_Bureau_0_0_8 	"Licht Bureau"  <light> 	(gKE_Bureau, gKE_Lights) 	{ knx="0/0/8+0/1/8" }

A dimmer:

Dimmer KNX_GV_Living_Centraal_Dim_0_2_3 "Dimmer Living [%s]" 	<dimmablelight>	(gGV_Living) 	{ knx="0/0/17+0/1/17, 0/2/3, 0/3/17+0/4/17" }

A rollershutter:

Rollershutter KNX_EV_MasterBedroom_Screen_9_1_0  "Screen Slaapkamer K&D [%d %%]"						<rollershutter>		(gEV_MasterBedroom, gScreens)		{ knx="9/2/0, 9/2/1, 9/2/3+9/2/2", autoupdate="false" }	

A must-read: KNX Binding information

What I would try in your case:

Dimmer CeilingLight "Lamp [%s]" 	{ knx="1/1/0+1/1/2, 0/2/3, 1/1/1+1/2/2" }

I’m not sure, since I don’t know your KNX switch and how you set up your GA’s. What you could also try is:

Dimmer CeilingLight "Lamp [%s]" 	{ knx="1/1/0+1/1/2, 1/2/2, 1/1/1+0/2/3" }

If that doesn’t work, provide some more input. See this example. It helps me to better understand.

Thank you. I think I expressed not clearly. Breaking it down to simpler problem: I try to switch two devices with one item definition. An LED in the Switch (1/1/3) and the ceiling lamp (1/2/2).

Switch led "LED" { knx="1/1/3" } // works
Switch led "Lamp" { knx="1/2/2" } // works
Switch led "LED&Lamp" { knx="1/1/3+1/2/2" } // doesn't work, switches only the LED
Switch led "LED&Lamp" { knx="1/1/3", knx="1/2/2" } // doesn't work

what is the syntax that second is not only listening GA?

This will never work.
Please read the documentation.
If understand correctly you would like to control two lights using one item, this in openHAB terms is called a group.

Do this:

Group gLights "LED&Lamp"
Switch led "LED" (gLights) { knx="1/1/3" } // works
Switch led "Lamp" (gLights) { knx="1/2/2" } // works

In sitemap:

Switch item=gLights
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