Hidden Tablet Wall Mount/Charger

Just finished my project and I think someone here might like it. tell me what you think. In the end, I end up with a wall that looks completely normal but has a hidden spot where you can attach a tablet magnetically and the tablet will keep charged through a wireless charger in the wall. Completely hidden, removable mount. I think it’s really cool and I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts.


Love this. Nicely done!

I’ll check the write-up for your specs, but just out of quick curiosity, will the charger fit in a 1 gang box? I have an existing location I might wanna use for a similar setup.

Very doubtful. The charger I had to use was very large and required cutting drywall, patching and painting. I just did it near an existing light switch because i could draw power from it. I noted this in the instructable but i can stress it enough. Getting the position of the tablet relative to the charger is very precise. I found that the charging receiver i put in the back of the tablet had to be in 1 exact spot or it wouldn’t charge. This is why i went with the larger 5 coil charging pad. This charging pad was a lot more lenient in position. it was still tricky to match the spot but the 5 coil pad was easier. I don’t know of any chargers that would fit in a single gang box but if you find one let me know. Just be aware those add-on wireless charging receivers are very position sensitive(if you find or know of a better one please speak up.) Wireless charging was the biggest difficulty and took me a while to really get to work. I have 2 more tablets that i’m going to mount the same way. If i find any more tricks to help I’ll let everyone know.

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Thanks so much!

You’ve definitely inspired me with some ideas.

Now that I’ve had a chance to read through the details, yes, I see the charger you list definitely won’t fit in a single gang box. I’ll definitely experiment with a few different charging pads and report back if I find anything good.

A few follow up questions if you don’t mind:

  • There isn’t a visual indicator for where the tablet goes. Does that make remounting inconvenient?
  • Can you recommend any good Neodynium Magnets?
  • Was there a specific reason for putting the wireless charging receiver inside the case (I’m guessing for a more streamlined look)? I’m thinking of doing something similar, but having the charging pad inside the tablet cover instead.

You are right there is no indication on the wall where it goes. you could definitely place small markers where it should go but i wanted it completely hidden so i just rely on knowing where it goes. Since there are matching magnets in the wall and in the tablet I don’t even have to be exact as it will hone in on the proper location if I’m close enough.

I added links to the magnets i used in the instructable. I hope that helps.

I put the receiver inside the case just so the tablet appears completely normal. I wanted to make this as hidden both on the tablet and on the wall as possible. If you are going to put it in a tablet cover know that you need it as close to the wall as possible since the distance on those receivers and pads needs to be very close.

Using a cover world work just fine as long as you can get the magnets and receiver super close to the wall. If you are using a case you will probably want the magnets in the case and not in the tablet. I don’t know if I put it in the instructable or not but i use a stack of three magnets in the wall to get a stronger hold. If you are going to stack magnets (or use a thicker magnet) know that the strength will increase until the thickness = the diameter of the magnet after that you don’t really get any more strength adding more to the stack. 3 worked really well for me because it was still smaller than the diameter and the stack was small enough that i didn’t drill all the way through the drywall. If you have to go all the way through the drywall to install your stack than you have to worry about them falling out the back of the wall.
I hope you have luck with your project. I’m really interested to see anyone else who might try my method or something similar, I just think it’s so cool i want to see it done more and probably better than me (do you see how bad my drywall cut was?)

No judgement :slight_smile:
Working with drywall is just like anything else: we all get better with practice. The first time I did it, i was so dissatisfied with my (lack of) paint blending, I just painted the whole wall.

It’ll take me a while to get everything together, but will definitely report back with results!