Hide Specific Channel Groups from PaperUI Thing Creation

I am wondering whether it is possible to hide certain channel groups from being shown on PaperUI during Thing Configuration? For example, I have Channel-Group A and Channel-Group B defined in ESH-INF’s .xml. During thing creation, I just want user to choose those channels available in Channel-Group A. Thanks

I doubt there is now or ever will be such a capability since PaperUI is a systems administrator’s User Interface. It is not intended to be handed to regular Users. That is what BasicUI, ClassicUI, and HABPanel are for.

yes, you are right. but the problem is, any client in the network of the running OH Server is able to access all pages: paperUI, basicUI, ClassicUI, habpanel… my problem is, that anyone can access paperUI and destroy my configurations… do you know a way to secure this? (i mean not the proxy way, because this also only means: Access to all or nothing can be accessed… ) i am searching for a way to password secure each UI specific…

does any one can help?

cheers, tobi

You can configure the reverse proxy for each UI. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Reverse proxy is the only way right now to add authentication and authorization.

thank you for your reply. i only know the way to setup a proxy directly on the OH server path (as described in the tutorial here: https://docs.openhab.org/installation/security.html) … do you know a tutorial/help which shows a amateur in proxy server to setup a proxy for each ui or something like that? that would be very helpful. but maybe it is meaningful to describe my challange/problem directly in an own topic, please see here:
"View only" mode for Habpanel and paperUI

Assuming Nginx, just create a location section for each UI url.

Set the location to /paperui and the proxy-pass to http://localhost:8080/paperui, for example and configure the password stuff for each as desired.

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okay, thank you, i will try this.