High CPU Usage. Maybe Due to 2.5 Install

I’m not sure what is happening. Just today I upgraded to OpenHAB 2.5. But I was running OpenHABien. Could that be a problem?

Since the upgrade I tried to run the same programs as before and now after, say 20 minutes Task Manager starts to show more and more CPU usage and soon the RPi 3 B no longer responds.
Before that happens I have seen the task= java, user=openhab go to 100%. I even saw a report that the task was at CPU of 262%.
I made some changes last night to my programs which could have caused the problem. I backed the changes out (I hope) and still have the problem.

I’m wishing I could back down OpenHAB to the previous version. That should help me isolate the problem. I searched this site and the procedures I found for backing down seem to be (1) very old, and (2) full of problems.
What would be a good procedure for untangling this mess?
Back down OpenHAB?
Try to find problems with the 2.5 install ( I see some about “restdocs”?
Go back to ground sero…uninstall OpenHAB(ian)?
Or something smarter?

Restdocs moved from misc to ui. Having the old entry and any other invalid addon can cause all addons to be reloaded once a minute.
Check addons.cfg and addons.config for bad entries.

See the Release Notes and #1534 --- Failed installing 'openhab-misc-restdocs'.

Thanks for the links. I didn’t know that 2.5 was available so I didn’t know about the Release Notes. I just did a:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
and 2.5 came in.
Since I was using OpenHABien, maybe I should have followed the instructions in the Release Notes but too late now. Maybe I have laid a time bomb for later.
I’m a newbie and reading the Release Notes and #1534 makes me bleary. I find myself doing a search on about every third word
In the end I saw the references to changes to addons.cfg and /var/lib/openhab2/config/org/openhab/addons.config.
addons.cfg was empty but addons.config had misc=“restdoc…”
I put a “#” in front of the misc and rebooted.
Everything seems fine for the parts of OpenHAB that I am using.
I will remain aware that there could be time bombs because of the way I did things. I’ll just have to see.
Thanks Again


You can now install restdocs and it will appear there under ui. In the Paper UI it is under User Interfaces.

I installed
“REST Documentation
ui-restdocs - 2.5.0”

I assume that is what you referred to.