High resolution OpenHAB logo

I just wanted to order some stickers from StickerMule as they have a really good discount on custom ones, but I cannot find a high resolution picture of the OpenHab logo. I saw that there was the idea to publish a package with all kinds of resolutions and form factors, but I think it has a low priority?

If anyone could help me I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

The logo in this post is SVG, it doesn’t get any higher res than that:

Oh indeed it is. I didn’t even think of that being a svg. Only thing I will need to to is cut the text out of it. Thanks!

Just make sure you are allowed to do so, I believe there are some comments related to that in the topic I linked.

Hey @DennisVonDerBey did you managed to order stickers?
How did it go?
I want to do the same just want to make sure I make it the right size/template.


Hey, I have something even better for you: https://www.stickermule.com/de/artworks/1331179/shared?token=75682ea570716dab293e801d71e2eceb

This is the original proof for our official openHAB stickers at StickerMule.
Feel free to have some printed for you - or wait until after Corona and meet us at some conference, where we usually distribute these stickers :slight_smile: .

Amazing, thanks @Kai! Will be ordering soon.

I’m in New Zealand so chances that I’ll come to one of the conferences is very low.
(Happy to add more to the order if someone’s interested from NZ)

But just to confirm, I am using the .svg logo from here.
And the size will be say 75x75mm (the logo is not really square…)
And the style is Clear Stickers.

Does it look ok?

Sorry, I thought that the above link would actually directly allow you to do a re-order without having to provide image and all settings again.

Just found out that this should be possible by sharing the cart, so have a try with this: https://www.stickermule.com/de/cart/1d8fd5bc-338e-4119-9c18-345fc92c9f7b/share
You should be able to just enter the amount and order it. Hope it works with a German shopping cart in NZ - let me know!

Hey that worked!! Thanks @Kai
Order is on the way

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