High resolution OpenHAB logo

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(Dennis Von Der Bey) #1

I just wanted to order some stickers from StickerMule as they have a really good discount on custom ones, but I cannot find a high resolution picture of the OpenHab logo. I saw that there was the idea to publish a package with all kinds of resolutions and form factors, but I think it has a low priority?

If anyone could help me I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

(Rolf Vermeer) #2

The logo in this post is SVG, it doesn’t get any higher res than that:

(Dennis Von Der Bey) #3

Oh indeed it is. I didn’t even think of that being a svg. Only thing I will need to to is cut the text out of it. Thanks!

(Rolf Vermeer) #4

Just make sure you are allowed to do so, I believe there are some comments related to that in the topic I linked.