[HIKVISION] Hikvision DS-KIS604-S(B) - Grab Ring-Bell Signal

Hello everyone,
i bought myself a Hikvision DS-KIS604-S(B) bundle.

What i now want to accomplish is, that i somehow get the information that someone rang the bell into my openHAB.

  1. There is no binding due to the fact, that HIKVISION is proprietary stuff → NOT POSSIBLE?
  2. Using one of the Pins of the device, to grab a signal and “measure it” via e.g. Shelly i3 from ds-kh6320-wte1 or DS-KV8113-WME1(B)

Has anyone experience with that?
I think all of the “alarm” pins are for the device itsself to start the alarm, but not provide the information, that an alarm is present at the moment …

I do not own a Hikvision doorstation. So the following may not apply to it.
The product that I use is a product from a different vendor.
It uses SIP protocol to ring / for intercom and to open the gate.

I am using an account that I extracted from the app using a rooted phone.
This account is being used by twinkle on my Pi.
So in case on rings the bell twinkle on the Pi gets informed about this.
A python script that is used as a shell around twinkle then sets an item in OH.
Once the item is triggered all alexa echo’s give an annoucement/notification about that the bell is ringing.

So in case you can re-use an existing account in your Hikvision that needs to use SIP or you can create a new account that subscribes via SIP protocol it should be possible to solve it.

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Far too advanced for me :sweat_smile:

My devices ship with a PoE Switch and the DoorStation as well as the MainStation completely run just via one ethernet cable

The door opener contact uses two pins on the DoorStation, using the externally provided supply

But i need to get the information as soon as someone presses the “Ring-Soft-Button” of the DoorStation
I was hoping, that one of the acressible Pins can be used for that and i just did not see it until know


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