Hiring a Developer

I’m looking for help to build the site map, automations & groups as well as a proper custom-UI HABPanel.

I have openHab2 set up already as a service, integrated most of what I need into it (couple of bindings needed as well as Neeo remote setup)

With the current situation work is crazy busy and struggling to get the time I’d like to work on it, so looking to hire someone to build and then I can add / tinker longer term. (Wife very much looking for more progress than I can deliver with my schedule!)

They don’t need to be a pro and though there may be some people on here who might be useful. I’ve looked at Fiiver and Freelancer but struggling to find people with OpenHab skills.

If this is inappropriate (couldn’t find any similar posts) then please delete / move. If interested then message me and we can discuss more and I’ll share more detail.


That’s a really great request and I really appreciate that you went looking at freelancers sites before asking here.

I’d love to offer my help, but my skills are strictly restricted to Velbus hardware.
Anything else I do with openHAB2 comes from hours of research and even more hours of frustrating trial and error.

Your request certainly highlights the need for a ‘human skills’ service.

Is this something that could be part of the Bounty scheme?

Introducing BountySource for funded development

Maybe some of us should sign up to a Freelance site or two and offer our technical services. :thinking:
Sometimes we are all guilty of forgetting how hard it was to learn our skills.

Even if we can only offer a few hours a week / month, that might be enough to get people over hurdles and maybe even smooth the path of love in a household where technology has become a drain on emotional energy.

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t like a few more $€£¢ in their pockets.

Just this last weekend my wife and I were treated to a lovely meal with friends, just because I had managed to find a spare hour to pop over and fix those annoying DIY jobs that our friends didn’t feel skilled enough to tackle.

So go on, as the phrase goes…

“Help a brother / sister out”

Thanks for the reply Stuart.

I did consider BountySource actually, but my concern was for something like this the 10% withdrawal fee if no suitable takers, and I think you’d need a proper conversation as more detailed than a clearly defined request. As you say maybe a different option there could be a longer term solution as I imagine I’m not the only one as much as we all love the DIY aspect of this who struggles for the time.

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Hey Jon,

I sometimes here this request and it is indeed interesting that it is very difficult to find freelancers, who would offer their help and earn some additional pocket money.
The best advice I can give is to try to post in https://community.openhab.org/c/development/marketplace/65, which is a category that we have created for that purpose (it isn’t very lively yet, but someone has to start ;-)). Maybe ConnectorIO could even be what you are looking for, who knows!

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