Home automation integration

Hi all, im new and would like to start using and integratin openHab.
I have commercial home Automation sistem and would like to use with openHab.
The bus use a customized protocol (a modified KNX) so very difficult to use for my integration.
All sistem has a web server to comunicate with some touch panels with TCP/IP.
I think thi is the easy way to comunicate with openHab.
I found this comands my browser send and receive to manage my home Automation sistem:

This are the commands my browser use for example for light
LIGHTS (light room1 ON) (light room1 OFF)

Or to manage heating:

HEATING (heating room 1 AUTOMATIC) (set temperature to 19,1 degrees)

Who can help me to implement this commands to manage my sistem?

Thanks a lot

Have you looked at using the HTML binding?

I tried it with a HTML controllable relay pack

Yes but i don’t know how to use commands to device

ok lets start with the your setup.
what have you done to this var?
can you show us your following setup file’s
did you trie to use the http binding ? how did you do the setups ?

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