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Hi all

I’m a newbie in OpenHab and I was trying to connect to Google Home

I read that the items have to be present in the /etc/openhab2/things/home.items but in the folder /etc/openhab2/things I have only a Readme.txt file.

Looking at the PaperUI I have items defined as you can see here.

What should I do to have the home.items file filled in?


You can configure your things from PaperUI or use the things.file. It’s one or the other so don’t create in both places.

To create a things.file via ssh use nano, vim, etc…
Example: /etc/openhab2/things sudo nano phone.things
This will open a blank file where you create the item.

A better way to create and edit files is use VSCode w/ OH extension.

Thanks @H102

So if I want to have things.file managed by PaperUI how can I connect to Google Home?

PaperUI doesn’t manage the file, it’s just one why to create your things. If you create a thing via files you’ll still see this in PaperUI and be able to link channels in. Does this answer your question? FYI I’m not the best at explaining things.:roll_eyes:

Have a look at this tutorial

I don’t use google home, but I think you’ll find what your looking for in the link above.


Added FAQ#5 for this also :slight_smile:


With OH2, you will use by default PaperUI to setup and configure your Home Automation environment.
Optionally (for more advanced use cases) you can skip PaperUI for the creation of Things and Items and use flat config text files.

Things can be defined in $conf/things/*.things files
Items can be defined in $conf/items/*.items files
(not $conf/things/*.items)

Read more on configuration options here: https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/

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