Home router recommendation


My home router is old. It is time to replace it. I am using OpenHab and have a lot of wifi devices. I am looking for a router that in one hand will be able to support 4k streaming (Netflix etc.) but will also give me the ability to control it or to get information that can be used in Openhab. I don’t know if there is such a router, but I will appreciate to hear if there are any suggestions.

Thx from advance

I have used AVM FritzBox routers, which have a binding in OpenHab2 if that helps.

I don’t know what your budget is. But I can recommend Unifi. There is a binding in the works that can be used already, but is not yet part of the official release.

@hilbrand can you recommend on a specific model that will sure work with openhab (I see UniFi are AP, do I also need a router)?


I don’t know your specific situation so don’t know if the solution will be working for you. The Unifi appliances are controlled by software that runs on a machine (I run it on my rpi) or a Unifi dongle. The ubiquity binding communicates with the controller software. The AP only provide wifi, but can handle many connections (you mentioned you have many wifi connections, so that triggered me) So you do need a switch/router and an AP for wifi. I have Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8-150W - Switch and the Ubiquiti Unifi USG. It’s not the cheapest solution but worth the investment imho. There is also a thread on here about the binding and certainly do some research on these devices to see if it fits your needs. The binding works with the mentioned devices, although the binding itself is still in development.