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@belovictor @Kai this app cannot be just a view since it requires separate sitemaps to support complex widgets (weather, thermostat, etc.) The app should have UI that covers whatever existing app was doing, so I don’t see the benefit of having two separate views for a user that wants to use this view.

Well, you are also likely to use different sitemaps on different devices (phone, tablet, kids), but still use the same app on all of them. I think it is ok if certain sitemaps only work well for a specific view.

Or do you mean that “special sitemaps” are actually syntactically different, i.e. you have changed the DSL for the sitemap itself? If this is the case, you might rather want to wait for the “new sitemaps” and join the discussion at https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/1064113/.

No, syntactically sitemaps are the same, e.g. they still work in existing web/mobile UI just wouldn’t make much sense because of additional config text and frame organization (I posted an example earlier in this thread).

In terms of openHAB 2, I decided not to wait since its release is some time away and I didn’t want to switch my main system to it, so that would be tackled when the time comes.

I will check out that discussion, thanks for the link.

Ok, then I really see no reason why it should not be combined into a single app. This will also make things easier when adding openHAB 2 support one day - all underlying communication infrastructure can be shared.

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Very nice view and very much interested

Looks very nice! Good job so far :slight_smile: Looking forward to test the client as soon as it’s available.

Would be awesome if you and belovictor could cooperate in any way possible.

This is currently my Wall-Mounted Surface. It does not depend on openHAB Sitemaps.
Of course still in progress…


Pretty cool looking, how about images from webcams? And are they refreshing properly? That is the biggest problem I have with the openhab app.

@Mikey what is your current config to show webcam in the app? Just regular image item?

Yes, it is just a image, defined like this

Image url="" refresh=500
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@igor Any example of switches and dimmer widgets?

Definitely interested, I use openHab exclusively from the Android Client and almost entirely via the voice widget because there is just too much on my sitemap to make navigation smooth. Really love the theming idea. Having begun doing android development myself I can understand your desire to build your own app, but if what you are putting together can be in anyway combined with the existing app I certainly think that would be the ideal way to proceed! Keep up the good work and I look forward to watching your ideas evolve!

@maze here is lights switch, dimmer, color and temperature widgets. All of them change on tap (switch like toggle, others in larger popup control)

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@Mikey webcam images do work for me, but those also work in official android/web apps, so I’m not sure if that would be different for you

It works for me, when I got security set to off, but not on or external.

This is sooooooo beautiful igor, I really love the design!

I’m interested also in the charting ability that you were working on last week. What library are you planning to use? What type of features will it support? Pinch & Zoom? Horizontal scrolling? Just a quick overview of your ideas :wink:

And please, please, please, consider the idea of releasing the source code of the application, I’m sure that the whole community will benefit from it, including you.

Many thanks for your work and looking forward to seeing more of it, the images that you already posted are awesome!

Best regards,


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@riturrioz charts are still in early development, so details are not finalized.
In terms of features, I do go based on the use cases that I think is worth supporting, if you think you have any that would be beneficial to other users, please share.
Worth noting that charts is secondary feature at this point in favor of voice control and maybe even wear support.

Sounds good. Is it a native Android Application or a you wrapping it around html or even this new “works-on-every-mobile-device”-app layer?

We are ready to fork and start working together on this. Please release the code with a license of your choice :blush:

Igor, I don’t really see a problem with this syntax - it will be just ignored in the existing view.
Moreover, I could support the same type of views and widgets in the iOS app cause I need a dashboard for my house where I have wall mounted iPads! :smile: