HomeKit issue, since i added my wife to the home

Hi all worked great…

when my wife upgraded to IOS12 (i am IOS 11)
and joined Home app in the iphone

Siri started to go crazy…
for exmpale “Kitchen light off”
she will hear “Kitchen light off” but will do and say "switches off "

not sure what is the reason all worked great, i blame the miss
she and siri dont get along :smile:

Are you the “owner” of the home?

I ask that because I know there was some issues during beta testing of iOS 12 with inviting users that were on iOS 11. Assuming that this kind of issue could also go the other way, where if the owner is on a different major release of iOS, could cause issues? This is all a big assumption though…

Not 100% sure about this, but… - During iOS 12 beta testing, I was on iOS 12 beta and was owner of home. My roommate was on iOS 11 at time and was part of the home. If I remember correctly, from my roommate’s phone, Siri did some strange things, sort of similar to what you are saying. However, take this with a large grain of salt, because I cannot fully remember ha.

yes i am the owner, i will try to remove the IOS12 deveice and see

Definitely test that out and see if HomeKit starts responding better.

If it does, I would try upgrading your device to iOS 12 and then adding your wife again.

As a side note, make sure you are ready to commit to 12, as Apple is no longer signing 11.4.1, so it is not possible to downgrade to 11 anymore.

As an aside for this, have been on iOS 12 since during beta testing before public release and it has been great.

Are you using a home hub for HomeKit? Such as an Apple TV or an iPad designated as a hub? Because the version of that can have an affect as well.

Sorry for being offtopic, but for someone that doesn’t know homekit, this thread sounds like: “Ever since my wife is living in my home and after upgrading her to IOS 12, Homekit isn’t working anymore” :smile:


Gotta watch out for those spouse upgrades… Get ya every time!

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Don’t know anything about that, but I have experienced that when you update to another iOS and you want to invite someone new to your home who has not the corresponding version of iOS to yours (i.e: older iOS, not the newest one) you can’t invite him/her…

I have an old iPad 4 and I can’t invite that into my home because it only has iOS10. It didn’t say that it is not supported or anything like that, it simply says that this email address is not associated with an Apple ID.

yes this was my issue before, this is why the wife upgreded to IOS12
but now siri is acting nuts…

maybe thre can be only whomen in the homekit eco system :slight_smile:

The whole HomeKit sucks I think… This was the thing why I choose openHab in the first place, but I have realized very soon that it doesn’t have any positive side. Had problems with it before, only few things is supported in it - and I’m not talking about OH, that are 3 things supported… - you can’t really customize it.

no man its cool , i agree not even close to perfect , but a good workaround for apple only pepole
before i had no issues…

i use node red to triger on events like TV on
and node will do the rule and the logic and will set the homeKit thing to off again

so for just saying Hi siri samsung tv its great !
but not to mass around with home app itself

Yes, for that it’s cool. However I was looking for a more platform-independent solution. So I’m using Google Home for that…