Homekit: Rollershutter are reversed


Running OH 2.5.11.
My home automation system reports screens that are closed with value 0. Open have value 100. The same as in OH.
In Homekit however, 0 means the screens are open and 100 are closed. How can I fix this so that Homekit shows the same feedback as the OH app or so.

Thanks for your time!

you need to add flag


Rollershutter window_covering "Window Rollershutter" {homekit = "WindowCovering" [inverted="false"]}

Eugen! I’ve been looking for this for ages (except looking into the source code)! Thanks! Maybe we should document this somewhere?

it is documented :slight_smile:

but i agree, the documentation got pretty complex and long. nobody would read it from beginning to the end. maybe we should re-structure it


I’ve been reading and reading that page and I must have missed it. Feel like a complete *ss now :S

And now that I read this paragraph, there is not really anything wrong with it.

Thanks again!

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I have the same problem.
is this code to add it to the items config files?
is this valid for openHAB 3.0.1? I tried it but dont work (I dont use files, I do everything with the UI)
can I write it in the “code” tab in the UI? It seems that the syntax is different

yes, the parameter is still valid in OH3. you can add it via UI -> code tab like this

value: WindowCovering
  inverted: false

here as screenshot

Is there a setting for inverted percentage too?
Are this config commands somewhere listed or where can i find the possibilities if there is no switch for in interface?

Is this working by Qubino Flush Shutter too?


what is inverted percentage?
inverted=false makes 0%=>100% and 100%=> 0%

inverted is the only configuration available for homekit rollershutters

In OH 2.5 Habmin was 2 configuration possibilities. U was able to invert the switch(Up and Down) and invert the Percentage From open = 0% to Open = 100%

ok, maybe this was configuration from your device channel, e.g. Qubino Flush Shutter, or UI mapping.
from homekit perspective we have only inverted flag and it applies only to percentage.

it does’nt work for me. I wrote the code exactly as you told, cleaned the cache with this code:
sudo service openhab stop
sudo openhab-cli clean-cache
sudo service openhab start
but it changed nothing
maybe system need some persistence or transformation addon? :man_shrugging:t4:

Hi friends,
I’m using OpenHAB 3.2 on Raspberry Pi 4.
I would also like to invert the Homekit status for my balcony awning shade, so that when the awning is retracted Homekit will show it as closed and when it’s extended Homekit will show it as open.
I tried to set the awning Item’s Homekit metadata to inverted=true using OpenHAB’s UI, but I can’t see any change in Apple’s Home app. When the device is retracted, the Home app still shows it as Open, instead of Closed.
I tried to set Inverted to false, but that didn’t help either.
Am I missing something?

Hi Miki,

what is the openhab item type? is it contact, switch or string? can you make a screenshot of your metadata configuration in main UI?

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Thank you for your answer, @yfre
The Item type is currently set as Dimmer.
and this is the Homekit Metadata code for this item:

value: WindowCovering
  inverted: true

If I change the device type to Rollershutter I can’t control the awning from OpenHAB’s MainUI with the up/down arrows. Pressing the arrows does nothing.

i just checked in the code and should not make any difference between Dimmer and Rollershutter. both supports inverted flag.
can you try to change it back to Dimmer?

Once I changed it back to Dimmer the inverted state doesn’t work anymore.
For some reason, the inverted state now doesn’t work also for Rollershutter.
When I change the inverted state from true to false and save I can see the Home app showing an “updating” message for my items, but after the update is done, the awning item just stays the same even if I change the inverted state from true to false, or vise versa.

please try to open and close the rollershutter several times after you have changed the configuration.
it does not send any updates on the configuration change, only on value, i.e. state changes

I set inverted to true and then tried to open and close the awning but the state on the Home app stays the same.
For example, when I open the awning using OpenHAB MainUI from 0% (fully retracted) to 5% (open just a little) the Apple Home app shows the awning as changing from 100% open to 95% open.
When I set Inverted to false, I see the same numbers in the Home app.

hm. im getting out of ideas. the configuration looks correct.
the logic in the code is also pretty simple, if inverted is false the value should be sent to home app without changes, if inverted is true, then it will sends (100%-value)

so, it looks like in your case the configuration does not get applied / is ignored.

please try to create a new window covering item with inverted false to double-check whether you will see the same behaviour.