Homekit settings are not visible

Since some versions, the settings for Homekit have disappeared from the settings menu. Now I wanted to find out if maybe some links were to blame and first deleted everything that had to do with Homekit and uninstalled the Homekit add-on. Then I restarted openhab and reinstalled Homekit. Unfortunately, Homekit is again only accessible under the openhab-cli. I couldn’t find any errors in the log during the installation either

I currently have openhab 4.4.3 installed on Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS

can it perhaps have something to do with the problem described in this (“It takes hours for OpenHAB to show updates of model”) post? Because I also have problems with my model not updating when I change something… Although everything works in the background. Just like all selection lists in the UI. So e.g. add thing with items and then want to use it in a rule. Or load a Blocky Plug In and want to use it in the script… all this only works with a time delay. Reloading the browser and cleaning up the cache has not been successful so far (browser is Firefox on MacOs)

But don’t digress, unfortunately this doesn’t work with the missing settings menu of Homekit. So wait and see does not work here.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

Best regards and thank you very much

No, you have not, as this version is not released. Next one will be 4.1 :wink:

You will find the homekit settings under the new
Add-on Settings
section in the next version of openHAB.

Oh crap, I must have looked a bit far into the future :-))

I guess only 4.0.4 is installed after all :wink:

is that then the CLI version when you query in the CLI version?


That‘s the Karaf version…