Homematic Binding rollershutter inverted level


I have the problem with the homematic rollershutter binding (homematic:HM-LC-Bl1PBU-FM),
that in homematic 100% = open / 0%=closed. In openhab it is the other ways round.
100% = closed / 0% =open…

So the UIs and the icons are wrong and different to the one direktly working with CCU.

Any Ideas ?

Thank you


I user OH 2.1 and homematic on Raspberry PI latest Version.

One approach would be to use a Proxy Item and some rules to swap the values from the homematic values to the openHAB values.


thanks for the answer.

It works for the level/state of the rollershutter,
but some widgets also have UP, DOWN and STOP commands and
that ist quite confusing with the inverted values, the Proxy Item and
the display…

So it would be nice to know why the binding invertedt this, or if this would be right !?


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Hi there,

I use Homematic, too. And now I have also a rollershutter (HMW-LC-Bl1-DR) in place.
And guess what: My value is inverted as well.

Is there a solution or explenation for this?