Homematic Dimmer On/Off

I have one HM-LC-Dim1T-FM (Dimmer) in my OH2-System and configured it with a switch On/Off and a slider.
Both are working exept that ON always goes to 100% Dimm-Value. This is different to the behaviour in Homematic where last dimm value is stored. Is it possible to implement this as well? @gerrieg?

Thanks & BR

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I know what you mean, good idea. I’ll try it in the next days if it’s possible and let you know

Unfortunately, these settings are not provided via the API. So it’s not possible. You have to do this with a Rule.

Wouldn’t it be enough tho store the level on OFF and restore when received ON…? No need to interact with Homematic/CCU.

Sure, i can implement a virtual datapoint (channel) with the function. But it’s independent of the setting in the CCU/device, the setting is also not persistent, it must be set after each binding/openhab restart.
I’ll think about it…

I think one could live with these restrictions. What do you think @michaeljoos?