Homematic IP Access Point


I have installed openHab and installed the Homematic bindings. I have an Homematic access point and is indicating its available by the blue LED. I am trying to scan for its existence in openHab within the basic UI, but nothing is found.

Can anyone guide me of how I can access the device?

You can’t afaik. The HmIP devices are just supported if connected to CCU2. The HmIP Access Point is a closed system.

Hmm, that would be a pitty.

It seems here: https://github.com/coreGreenberet/homematicip-rest-api someone has created an API for it. This would mean it should be possible to have openHab communicate to it as well?


Oha. That’s new information. Yes, if a Rest Api exists, openHAB may communicate as well. But according to my opinion, the Homematic Binding cannot talk to the Rest Api (yet?). Never heard of this. Good Luck!

From what I read from @bestgrafix, he also has the python-API-Wrapper active in his setup - and it works as it seems! :wink:
and yes - as long as there’s an API, openHAB can use it!

(best would be, if there’s some push-API from Homematic, because you don’t have to pull in intervals from openHAB, which should always be only second-best… :wink: )

Oha. That’s new information

@job is it? :slight_smile:

i would be extremely happy, if someone could x-port the pythan API into a propper binding…


Any news`?

You have to create a request on GitHub, I assume…

Homematic IP can be integrated into OpenHAB via MQTT, see: GitHub - cyraxx/homematicip-rest-mqtt: MQTT bridge for the Homematic IP REST API