Homematic IP via Conrad Connect?


Ever since i dream about unsing Homematic IP (With AccessPoint) and OpenHab. Yesterday i found out, they did include HMIP in conrad connect.

Is there any smart idea, how i can connect CC with OH? I could use IFTTT, but that seems a bit… you know… overcomplex.

However, i could not find a reasonable shortcut to that.

Any better Idea?

I would just want to have the status of some door sensors, so IFTTT would be ok-ish. But any smarter idea would be appriciated!


I guess i just found a promising answer. “Maker Actuator”:

I just have no idea yet, how i can call a service with auth via https://myopenhab.org/

Sorry for spamming. The answer would be Tasker and MyOpenHAB REST API

If i’ll find time, i will try to setup a status push of my sensors to OH2. Apart beeing still overkill, this seems to me the best path forward so far with f****g HMIP

So, today I tried to update status of a window sensor from HMIP via cc per rest call to myopenhab in a Item, works like a charm. And surprisingly fast.

It is not for everything, but for my application (sophisticated handling of blinds) it’s very ok…