Homematic "Parse Error" when setting temperature values in OH 2.4

Hi all,

i just upgraded openhab from version 2.3 to version 2.4. I then had the problem described here https://community.openhab.org/t/solved-homematic-quantitytype-in-m6-build-problem/57432.

I deleted all HM Thermostat things and added them again from inbox. Now all HM-CC-RT-DNs are running well.

Unfortunately, my FHT80Bs (recognized as HM-CC-TC via CUxD) are no longer working. Updates are received, but when sending commands through Paper UI a “Parser Exception” is thrown:

2018-12-23 12:01:40.553 [DEBUG] [ematic.handler.HomematicThingHandler] - Received command '22.5 °C' for channel 'homematic:HM-CC-TC:homematic-ccu2:CUX0800100:2#SETPOINT'
2018-12-23 12:01:40.554 [TRACE] [converter.type.AbstractTypeConverter] - Converting type QuantityType with value '22.5 °C' to FLOAT value with QuantityTypeConverter for 'CUX0800100:2#SETPOINT'
2018-12-23 12:01:40.554 [ERROR] [ematic.handler.HomematicThingHandler] - Parse Error
javax.measure.format.ParserException: Parse Error

The error is slightly different from the one in the thread above (QuantityTypeConverter vs. DecimalTypeConverter).

My item definition:

Number  FHTArbeitFabian_SetTemperature "Solltemperatur Arbeitszimmer [%.1f °C]" <radiator> (gArbeitszimmerFabian, gHeizungsThermostat ) { channel="homematic:HM-CC-TC:homematic-ccu2:CUX0800100:2#SETPOINT" }

Replacing “Number” with “Number:Temperature” didn’t solve the problem. In this case, I won’t even get any more updates.

My sitemap definition:

Setpoint item=FHTArbeitFabian_SetTemperature step=0.5 minValue=17.0 maxValue=25.0

Any idea?

Thank You in Advance

When debugging, I found out the exception message:
&# not recognized (in &#176;C at index 0)

Cause is probably that HmDatapoint.getUnit returns &#176;C instead of °C.

I think its related to https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/pull/6690 and could be fixed in a similar way.