HomematicIP Rollershutter opening-values not visible in openHAB "Analyze"-graph

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Raspi 3 B+ (Raspian OS 10)
  • Attached Hardware: Amber Wireless AMB8465 (to read out Wireless M-Bus from water & heat meter), Aeotec Z-Wave Gen5+ (to read out power meter)
  • Docker / Portainer 2.16.0
  • openHAB Software: 3.3.0 Release Build, Persistence via InfluxDB
  • openHAB Bindings: Homematic (logging heating, controlling lights & blinds), Gardena (logging soil humidity, watering yard), Alexa, MQTT
  • Homematic IP Hardware: CCU2 (2.59.7), multiple Homematic IP devices

I’m using @Bredmich’s trick to get my HomematicIP Rollershutters (HmIP-BROLL) to work. Overall this works perfectly well. :slight_smile:

Although the Status-Item perfectly shows the opening in %…
… the graph (via “analyze”, which I use to check how my shading program behaved) is completely empty:
My first reaction was “maybe there’s a senseful state description missing”, but looking at the log, the values are already simple integer values, so they should be logged?

Am I missing something?