How can I reset the Z-wave binding and start over

I would like to start with a fresh install of my z-wave devices. I have a Aeotec gen 5 stick and knows how to reset this to factory defaults. But how do I get the z-wave binding to forget every device. Is it enough to delete the devices in HABmin, or do I have to remove/delete an xml-file with the data?

If I were going to start over from scratch, I would do the following:

  • exclude each device from the existing network
  • in HABmin, delete each zwave thing, including the controller
  • shutdown openHAB
  • delete any remaining node.xml files
  • factory reset each device
  • factory reset the stick
  • start openHAB
  • add the stick
  • include devices

There’s a chance I might’ve missed something, but the above seems pretty thorough.

I would also clear the cache between steps 4 and 5

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