How could I have known

Hi there,

As I am using openhab I would like to be aware of new versions that are released. I just noticed that the download button on the site now, mentions 1.8.1 but can’t find an announcement for that (other than the release notes on github). Is there a newsletter, forum or anything that I can subscribe to to be made aware of these releases?

I have searched around a bit but could not find anything, but I apologies if I have missed something obvious…



There was a note here in the forum, but I also somehow received an email from, so I must have signed up there to be informed.

I second this. I come here often but didn’t see any note either. It would be nice if there was a sticky or banner or something. Or even a note on how to sign up for notifications in the getting started wiki.

I’m actually not finding the note either. I saw Kai’s announcement about OH 2 Beta 2 but there was no mention of 1.8.1 there. Did it get mislabeled? There is no mention of 1.8.1 in Announcements which is where I would have expected to see it.

You might be right – this is the last word on it I’ve noticed. I’ve not tried apt-get update again since my first premature attempt.

I got a mess of updates from apt-get yesterday and all my addons are 1.8.1 now so I think it is live. That was actually the first I noticed that 1.8.1 was released.

The posting was accidently released too early :slightly_smiling:

Both releases were planned for Feb 1, but somehow @teichsta is still struggling to finish the 1.8.1 release. Probably best if he could comment here in the current status.

Of course it is good to know about 1.8.1 (which is the official download
from the site at the moment), but my original question was about OH in
general :slight_smile:

How can I be triggered for updates in general?

Well, follow on Twitter, subscribe to the Announcement category or manually check the homepage.

Huuh! I am not struggling anymore.


All uploads were finished on Tuesday (except the apt-repo which has been finished in Wednesday morning). But i didn’t announced it yet, sorry!

just wondering if anyone has thought of maybe doing a binding… we have openhab for notifying us of things. switches could be turned on. any kind of actions could be done. or something simple like a message on the site map that says an update is available.

Just my 2 pennies :stuck_out_tongue:

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… absolutely nice idea. Kind of a ecosystem binding! Would love to see this implemented. Especially with the more generalised notification mechanism (not yet in place).

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Something like that could allow for alot of system info. Bindings available, versions, system info. A full system page could be generated off a binding like that

@crankycoder - i was about to suggest the same…a binding to notify on OH announcements.

Perhaps it could report back to Kai/dev team various metrics so he has a database of whats in use out there.

  • hardware platform
  • bindings in use
  • fatal errors.

Obviously this upload of data would be opt-in, and anonymoused , but i personally would be happy to give that info to assist with development.

I ran into that problem too. It might be wort mentioning that you can subscribe to an RSS feed for announcements: