How do I get my Bluetooth LED Controller to work?

Hey, I’m pretty new to all of this but I just set up my Raspberry PI 3, Connected my First WS2812 LED strip, even got some animations playing, changed all the passwords and did all this default stuff you have to do.
But now i’m wondering if there is a way to add 4 of my extremly bad and cheap amazon Bluetooth Controller.
The Android App for this strip is just a pain in the ass, it’s delayed and get’s out of sync after 30 seconds.
So I want to try my Luck with Openhab!
The Strip is called ; LED Strip 5m TENLION.
Is there any way to connect it? If yes, how do I do it?
Like I said, i’m an absolute beginner so I really have no Idea.

There is a bluetooth binding:

Hi, thanks alot for your replay!
I installed the Blueooth Software, it’s working. I’m connected to my controller right now, but the controller doesn’t seem to respond. Clicking those buttons does nothing.

Do you think there is a way to make it work?

These channels are read only so they won’t do anything
Does the binding give you switch and colour channels for the RGB strip?

sadly not .
The 2 Screenshots I took is basically all I can do.

Then I am afraid you have no control over the strips

Hmmm okay, thank’s anyways! I found one guy that wrote he got it to work in his amazon review. I’m trying to contact him, If I can fix it somehow I’m going to tell you.

If you get it to work, then write a tutorial on the forum, please.

Or you could try the existing bluetooth binding in the paperUI