How do I setup Razberry Z-Wave with OpenHab2?

Hi guys,

I am new to Rasberry / Linux and try to build up home automation using Zwave.
I use a Rasberry 3, running on Raspbian and having Openhab 2.2 installed.
To establish Z-Wave communication, I bought a Razberry ZME_RAZ_EU (the slim one).

Now I wanted to add that thing to Openhab but I constantly have the issue, that it cannot recognize the port ttyAMA0.

Here is what I did so far:

  1. Installed Razberry Software (wget -q -O - | sudo bash)
  2. Added the binding in Openhab2 PaperUI
  3. Added /dev/ttyAMA0 as serial port

As this did not work, I went further:

  1. Disabled blutooth by adding disable command into config.txt (according to:
  2. Added user rights to /dev/ (can’t find the post anymore, was something like chmod -g /dev/tty to openhab)
  3. Add parameter to setenv (as suggested in multiple posts)
  4. Set Serial interface to enabled via UI “Raspberry Configuration”,
  5. Set Serial interface via raspi-config: Interface -> Serial -> Login Shell: No; Serial port hardware enabled: Yes

However, that thing does not run.

What makes me suspicious is, that I do not have any openhab files/folders under etc/default and also users/shared/… what is suggested in other posts.

How do I get Zwave working on my Raspberry?

How did you install openHAB2?

The recommended way would be to use openHABian, as it is very simple. Of course you can use the apt packages as well, or even a manual setup, though this is not recommended.

The latter would store configurations in /<your-openhab-folder>/conf/ while openHABian and apt will store the configurations in /etc/openhab2/

In question of the zwave module: sudo dmseg should show the hardware when initialized.

Paper UI - is indeed the best option to add / configure z-wave items.

Did you reboot after inserting the USB Z-Wave stick? Mostly after rebooting, the Z-Wave stick / controller becomes available. In my case at /dev/ttyACM0.

Please think about this statement because it is not true in every way :sunglasses:

When dealing with zwave devices, above all when changing configuration options, one should always use HABmin to do that.
PaperUI will send every single parameter to the device when changing just one, HABmin is especially designed for zwave devices and does send only the configuration parameter you have changed.

A lot of users had trouble configuring zwave via PaperUI, while HABmin worked without any issues.

Despite that it is true that configuring zwave device via GUI is preferred over configuring via manual things file.

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Disable z-wayserver if you have installed from Both z-wave binding and software will access serial and there will be mess in communication (you will see in logs port problems reported)

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May I ask, comparing razberry board with uzb (or aeotec z-stick), do they have same signal distance ?

And what is the advantage of using razberry over usb stick (such as uzb or aeotec z-stick) ?


Guess it’s a bit late, but if someone else is struggeling, you can check out how I made razberry 2 work on a raspberry 3b+ with openhabian: How I got the Razberry 2 to work on a Raspberry 3 b+

How do you do this?


I have one question before setting up OpenHab2: how to update the firmware of the Razberry2 when OpenHab2 is set up? Start ZWay? Separate installation on SD-Card, or is ZWay not needed?

I have no idea.



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