How I got the Razberry 2 to work on a Raspberry 3 b+

First of all, I’m a complete beginner when it comes to home automation and openHAB. As a result, getting the z-wave binding to work took me a lot of hours with trial, error and an unhealthy blood preasure!

There is a lot of different tips and tricks around, but the one that worked for me at was pretty straight forward.

  1. follow the Quick Start instructions on
  2. when openhabian is up and running, connect to the raspberry pi via ssh. On Mac and Linux, you can use the terminal, on windows, I prefer Putty.
  3. Username: openhabian, password, openhabian (worked for me at least)
  4. run “sudo openhabian-config” (the sudo password is openhabian)
  5. choose system settings, serial port, check all 3 items and choose ok
  6. open the /boot/cmdline.txt file as sudo with your favourite editor and remove “console=tty1”. In other answers, it said to remove “console=serial0,115200”. If you have something else after “console=”, it shouldn’t matter, just remove it, that’s what I did at least. If in doubt, take a backup of the /boot/cmdline.txt file
  7. open the /boot/config.txt as sudo and change the line “dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt” to “dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt”
  8. reboot by typing “sudo reboot”

If you don’t know how to set up openHAB, this guy will explain you

The serial port under the port configurator section was /dev/ttyAMA0 on my device.

Good luck and enjoy!


Thank you for this! This was what I needed for connecting Razberry to my Openhabian on Rpi4!
One minor change since 2019: in /boot/config.txt I changed dtoverlay=miniuart-bt to dtoverlay=disable-bt