How... the heck... to install an addon snapshot?

So, my ordeal with OH2 began last week when I excitedly purchased a Z-Stick and a CT100 thermostat off of Amazon after learning that both were supported by this OpenHab2. Of course, I wanted it to be hassle-free since I’m no Linux guru, rather, just a shlub that wanted to automate some functions in his house without having to be “on the cloud”.

I read the instructions on how to get Openhabian setup, got it running, got my ZWave binding installed, got my ZStick recognized, but my CT100 was “Unknown”. I fought with this for a solid week, literally, trying to get this supposedly “supported” device to send data, or simply to be recognized. I thought it was me until I noticed that the device ID of MY thermostat… the one marked as a 2 Gig CT100, had an ID of 6501:000b. I would have had no idea that this was a problem until I Googled for days and searched the these forums for just the right keyword. Turns out the words were “Device ID”, and “Database”, and then I learned that OH2 uses a “Database” that’s managed online at a place called by a guy named Chris. Great. so I found the definition for the CT100 and discovered that 6501:000b was not part of the CT100 definition for OH2. GREAT! Just my friggen luck eh? So, now me, a noob, has to figure out how to add the new device ID to an existing definition, so I read some more How-To’s and got myself registered, and modified the record. Great… now I waited… and waited… and finally went back and read the part where I had to request an approval. Clicked the button on the database device page and waited… and waited… and finally came onto these forums and requested help and, presumably, someone saw my plea and approved the request. I only knew after I went back to the database item and saw that the approval request was gone… I guess that meant that it’s completed, or did it mean that it was cancelled? I decided on “completed” because my new ID was still in the definition so now what? Now I’m thinking, "How the hell does THIS noob get the updated database definition so his friggen thermostat will be recognized? So, I asked in the same thread where I requested an approval, “what do I need to do to get the database on my OH2 install updated?” Crickets, nada, nuttin’. So off I went on another couple days of research and reading and eventually discovered the keyword “snapshot” and eventually found the repository where something called a “.kar” file is generated, presumably having something to do with updating devices. So, I still don’t totally know what KARAF is or does but it looks like it has something to do with reading these .kar files so now WHAT exactly to do with the thing when I get it? Okay, it goes in the “addons” folder and then… what? It magically gets slurped into the system? I still have no idea. So I dropped the file in the addons folder and rebooted the Pi3. I pulled up the opanhabianpi:8080 site and the “loading gui” thing just spins and spins. So, I find that I’m to delete a file a .config file in /var/lib/openhab2/blah-de-blah blah, so I do. Didn’t work. Removed the .kar file from the addons folder and try to use the openhabian config menu “Install Unstable Openhab2” menu option instead. On and on I went trying to repair openhab via various methods until my web gui is now completely broken (but samba and ssh still work, go figure). So, stick a fork in me, I’m done. I’m going to have to clear the SD card and get OpenHabian fresh for the third time and try again. So, the purpose of this posting is to ask, Once i get a fresh install of OpenHabian installed on my RPi3, WTF do I need to do to get the most recent database snapshot so that my CT100 will be recognized on the first try? Thank you for your time.

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You have strong perseverance! I recognize a lot of the frustration from when I first started using openHAB.

I don’t use ZWave devices myself. But out of curiosity I had a look.

Your DeviceID is most definetely added to the database. The 6501:000b device ID is added to the References (Type:Id) on the database website. Also I see that these changes were committed to the code base about 3 days ago.

I also see that you recently did a succesful reinstall. Does the device get properly recognized now that you are most likely using a newer build of openHAB?

Actually, I did get the thermostat recognized and actually received a temperature from it before going to bed. I may still be having issues with the thermostat requiring being polled rather than live events but now that I have it talking to me, I can work through that stuff. Thanks for the reply!

I did learn a lot about updating/adding items to the database through this though, LOL!

 - Alex O.

That’s good news! Other thermostat users with a 6501:000b device ID will have a lot less issues now. :smile:

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