How to access BLE GATT characteristics via BT Binding

Hi @ all,
I’m new to this community and I have a question on Bluetooth with openhabian.

Sytem Info:
Raspberry PI 3b+
Openhabian v1.5
OpenHAB 2.5.7
Bluetooth Bindind 2.5.7

First of all, I managed to install the binding and neccessary stuff to get bluetooth working on the raspberry Pi.

I also can see my device within the INBOX of the Paper UI and add this thing to my server.
I can see wether the device is online or offline, but nothing else.
How can I access a custom BLE service within OpenHAB?

I saw some pictures where the Bluetoothbinding can be configured and Services and Characteristics can be configured in XML files.

But for me the only thing I can do is the following:

My intention is to realise some sensors or a Weather station with for example an ESP32 module.
Since this module has BLE adapter available, it would be nice to transfer data via BLE characteristics. Therfore I would like to create a custom service “Sensor Data” with Characteristics “Temperature”, “Humidity” etc.

Is there any possibility to configure the Bluetooth binding in a way that you can read data from a BLE device via characteristics?
Or should I write some python scripts to get BLE data from my devices?

I would be happy if someone give some hints on that or an example on writing a config file for that.

I do not have experience with the bluetooth binding to answer your question but you may have a look to! which might help to get an idea on how to do initial stuff with shell commands or from within python.

Hi Alex,

I’m not sure if you can access GATT(TOOL) directly with the Bluetooth binding. I’m using the Exec binding to get/set GATT characteristics through a shell script.

Also have a look at this solution with Python and MQTT

Hope this brings you further with what you want to achieve.