How to add weatherunderground binding

I like to add this weatherunderground binding but don’t know how or know were to look for a how to.

Thanks guys

The weatherUnderground API keys are not free anymore and the service for free key holder will cease soon
Are you sure that’s the binding you are looking for?

I looking at something to show the weather on HaBpanel and after some more research I use a rules file to use watering system when too dry. By way it will be my 1st go at this. Really only be following mksmarthous.

P.S my Kodi use Oz wather to get it’s info.

It’s even has radar I’m all new to this so it be good to get the same information from. Oz wather as it’s free too.

The old Weather binding is still supported I think. It supports ForcastIO, OpenWeatherMap, WorldWeatherOnline, Wunderground, Hamweather, and MeteoBlue.

There is also a Yahoo Weather binding, but I think it is a little flaky and doesn’t report much.

Beyond that, you will need to figure out the API available and use the HTTP binding to query the data and parse the values out of it. You can look at Comprehensive Wunderground using HTTP Binding Example for an example of how I did this for Wunderground at some point.

I think most Wunderground users on this forum have migrated to OpenWeatherMap.

This will get the values into OH into Items. You will need to use a Webview pointing to Oz_Weather’s radar map to make it available on your sitemap or HABPanel.

I not that good yet “I think” but may come back to it. I find this when google API its the website that Oz Weather use in Kodi.