How to change 1.8 from ClassicUI to GreenT?

Google is failing me, and I think the IRC channel have all gone to bed.

Darn. Didn’t realise it was such a hard one - hoped it was just an omission on the wiki’s part.

There is a wiki page with installation instructions:

But tbh I don’t think it is worth installing as it hasn’t been updated in years and it is not looking likely that it will any time soon.

When I last tried in Sept 2015, I couldn’t it to work with modern browsers on Mac.

Good luck

Ahh, bugger. Thanks anyway, just looking for something bit better than the default

Browse through the [3rd Party] tag on this forum and you will find several threads discussing what some people are using instead of the Classic UI. For the most part people either use the default UI or they use a 3rd party UI that can interact with OH through the REST API.