How to check if my set point item gets updated from rule or device


I’m operating some Danfoss Living Connect thermostates (LC13) via a Vera edge bridge and the mios binding.

The temperature setpoint is regular updated (every 5 min) via openhab rules based on timer events, temperature feedback, weather conditions etc. That part works fine.

The setpoint can also be manually changed from the device side which is very user friendly (kids, wife etc). However, this require the rules to be de-activated to avoid being overruled at next update (latest in 5 min). Which require openhab interaction.

This is as such not a problem, however, it would be more elegant, if the manual update made on the device would de-activate the rule automatic.

The problem is i cannot figure out how to make this rule.
If one can see if the item is updated from the rule or from the device it would be easy to design the correct trigger condition. But i have not found any way yet do distinguish from where my setpoint has been updated.

Any hints?