How to control lights (Philips Hue) with Voice (Alexa)?


I would like to control my lights with Alexa. Previously I linked my Philips Hue Bridge with Alexa, but now I want to use openHab instead.

For example:

Group gSchlafzimmer   "Schlafzimmer"  <bedroom>
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gSchlafzimmerDeckenleuchte	"Deckenlampe im Schlafzimmer" <light> (gSchlafzimmer) ["Lighting"]
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gSchlafzimmerNachttischLampen "Nachttischlampen" <light> (gSchlafzimmer) ["Lighting"]
Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gSchlafzimmerAlleLampen "Schlafzimmer" <light> (gSchlafzimmer) ["Lighting"]
Switch Licht_Schlafzimmer_Decke1 "Schlafzimmer Deckenlampe 1" <light> (gSchlafzimmerDeckenleuchte, gSchlafzimmerAlleLampen) {channel="hue:0210:0017884b47cc:3:color"}
Switch Licht_Schlafzimmer_Decke2 "Schlafzimmer Deckenlampe 2" <light> (gSchlafzimmerDeckenleuchte, gSchlafzimmerAlleLampen) {channel="hue:0210:0017884b47cc:4:color"}
Switch Licht_Schlafzimmer_N1 "Nachtlicht 1" <light> (gSchlafzimmerNachttischLampen, gSchlafzimmerAlleLampen) ["Lighting"] {channel="hue:0220:0017884b47cc:5:brightness"}
Switch Licht_Schlafzimmer_N2 "Nachtlicht 2" <light> (gSchlafzimmerNachttischLampen, gSchlafzimmerAlleLampen) ["Lighting"] {channel="hue:0220:0017884b47cc:6:brightness"}

This is working great to switch lights on/off. But of course I would also dim my lights or change the color or color temperature. I don’t know how to get this working, because, if I add this:

Group:Dimmer gSchlafzimmerDeckenleuchte	"Deckenlampe im Schlafzimmer" <light> (gSchlafzimmer) ["Lighting"]


Dimmer Licht_Schlafzimmer_N1 "Nachtlicht 1" <light> (gSchlafzimmerNachttischLampen, gSchlafzimmerAlleLampen) ["Lighting"] {channel="hue:0220:0017884b47cc:5:brightness"}

It is not working with Amazon Echo (Alexa), because of the duplicated names “Deckenlampe im Schlafzimmer” or “Nachtlicht 1”. But of course I don’t want to give different names for switch on/of, dim brightness or changing color temperature for the same light. That would make no sense. With Philips Hue I only define ONE name for a light or room and then I can say Alexa to switch on/off or dim that light.

Also I would like to set my lights to “warm” or “cold”, like it is possible with Philips Hue and Alexa. How do I solve this? I is not intuitive to say “dim to 0%” (cold) or “dim to 100%” (warm).

And how do I set the Philips Hue Scenes (“read”, “concentrate”, “relax”, etc.) ?

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So, there is no solution to use control Philips Hue lights by voice with Alexa and openHab?

Hi Sascha,

Alexa, Hue and OpenHAB do all work together. You have proved that yourself, what I believe you need is further assistance on getting things working as you desire.

There are a great number of people on here who have extensive knowledge of OpenHAB and will help you along when can. I understand your frustration but please be patient and I’m sure answer and advice will flow along shortly.



If you want to control hue lights with Alexa then simply connect the smart lights with Alexa app and add your device in App.

I used rules to set scenes via Alexa:

  • Create a “virtual” item for alexa
  • in this rule send the respective commands to the devices

This does also work with a “dimmer” device that could control groups / multiple lights in a room. Respective pre-configured scenes in the hue app need to be “programmed” in the rules.

My rules are like “Set living room to orange”.

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I don’t have Phillips Hue, but OpenHAB WiFiLED binding works great with Alexa, and setup is pretty much the same. Regarding ways of using switch, dimmer and colour to control one light, the way I’m using it is:

  • Create 3 items (switch, dimmer and colour) with 3 different names (because OH items have to be unique)
  • Add these items as devices to Alexa using Alexa app (Smart Home option in menu)
  • Create group in Alexa app with a descriptive name, and add these 3 items to a group

For example, create following items in OH:

Switch Hue_Light_Switch "Power" { connect to a channel }
Dimmer Hue_Light_Dimmer "Dimming" { connect to a channel }
Color Hue_Light_Color "Color" { connect to a channel }

After you add these devices to Alexa, create group, for example “Hue Light”, and add these devices to that group. After that, you can simply say “Alexa, turn on Hue light”, or “Alexa, change Hue light to blue”

As I’ve said earlier, this also works with RGB LED strips and WiFiLED binding, not just Hue lights.

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At least with Hue, the “Color” type allows control over ON/OFF, Brightess and Color.
So, there’s no need to make 3 instances and group them, it’s enough just making the Color one.
At least, it worked for me, Alexa can adjust everything on that light.

from .items:
Color Light1 "Test Light " (Office) [“Lighting”] {channel=“hue:0210:xxxxxxxxxxxx:1:color”}


@jesper do you know does this work for the color temp bulbs?

Color  HueMasterSWC  "Danny" ["Lighting"] { channel="hue:0220:1:bulb1:color_temperature"}

I tried on my alexa and it does not function. Is my items file correct?

It probably wont work.
You need to use the color_temperature channel, and that’s needs to be a dimmer it seems.
I played a bit around with this, and did not succeed either.
I keep getting the “… does not support that”.
However, I’m pretty sure it’s possible to get it to work, as I guess it works with original HUE bridge on an Alexa.
Perhaps we’re just specifying it wrong in openHAB. Or the binding needs a fix.

Anyway, the “group” trick as Davor described above will work.

Thanks will try the group thing. Also, looks like someone put a request in on the binding to fix this also.

This was my issue for Alexa:

connect your Alexa compatible Smart light bulbs with Amazon Alexa device. Once the bulb is connected with Alexa App you can easily control it with Alexa commands.

@Sascha_L @davorf @Thedannymullen @jesper @Falk

See here a workarround for hue color bulbs or white ambiance to control “color temperature”, coldwhite and warmwhite: