How to create a switch to deactivate a rule

in my openhab i have a rule, that sends a command to alexa, if my garage is open for more than 10 minutes. The rule looks like this. It runs perfectly fine. But i want to expand the functionality of it.
I want a Switch that can deactivate and activate the rule. And i want this also in my Habpanel.
The second idea was, if it is possible to make a slider in Habpanel, to change the time of the timer.
So i can, for example, also make it 5 minutes or 20 minutes until Alexa shouts at me, that my Garage ist still open :laughing:
So can anybody tell me, what I have to change in the rule, and what I also have to do, to make this work? Or is it not possible?
Thanks in Advance :muscle:

I wonder if anyone has done this before

Thank you very much, just didn’t searched long enough to find these threads.
This has worked perfect :+1:

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